Monday, June 08, 2009

Just What I Needed...

From Her Beacon Hand
Glows a World Wide Welcome

There's something about visiting a national monument, that makes me feel more American, luckier, more blessed, more motherly. We all have our dreams, and mine was to be a mother. Being able to take my beloved daughters to such an awe inspiring location is dreaming at its best. I cherish these moments.

The trip was just what the doctor ordered. The girls had a great time, singing and dancing on the Ferry from Staten Island to ManniHanni. The girls travel so well together. They make everything fun. A simple boat ride turned into dinner theatre with these four. It was raining one night which made the skyline difficult to see. The girls spent the first few minutes looking for the Statue of Liberty. We found it once we switched sides...
Here we are just before we went to Battery Park. The ferry lands in lower Manhattan, and we took a hotdog and icecream break before heading uptown to American Girl. Of course we took time to see the street performers. That is one of my favorite parts of the city. Groups of young and old get together and put on small shows with tons of acrobatics, singing, dancing, and of course the millions of stands selling the fanciful name cards..I won't irritate Missi by retelling her story of buying her girls two pretty posters.. Anna loved these guys the most, so we gave them a donation, and one of the guys was nice enough to pose with her..

During our hotdog break, we had to sport the Liberty hats. Anna was so cute walking around with her hand in the air. August was happy to find a spot just perfect for picking tiny little flowers.

Then, it was off to American Girl
We started out by getting facials and hair doos for BrooksieDoodle and Sid's dolls, and Anna had Kit's ears peirced. Then we went to the Cafe and had dinner. It was just how we hoped it would be. All of the girls had table seats for their dolls, and the dolls even had their own stemware!

The first course was gone before we could take photos. It was yummy warm cinnamon rolls. Then the fruit and cheese tray arrived. August pretty much ate all of it...The artichoke dip hit the spot for Miss and I.
Even August got into the spirit and fed "Bitty GlowStick" a bite of cheese...Since we were making the dinner Anna's birthday celebration, we sang Happy Birthday and her cake came with a candle. She was thrilled. Missi's gals bought Anna two outfits for Kit. Anna was so suprised and she loved them. Thanks again, my sweet baby girls!After the dinner, we did our shopping. Thankfully we hid the bags so there would be no photographic evidence of the damage done to our bank accounts. I tried to be good, but Kit really needed to snowboarding outfit, and of course the snowboard. We walked around Rockefeller center for a bit after shopping. It was a gorgeous evening, so the girls did some posing and then we went on our way!

So after the busy busy day, I realized that my AugustRose had been simply amazing. BUT, I hadn't gotten her the balloon I had promised her since we arrived in NYC. Missi, being the wonderful friend went downstairs for her complimentary house wine, and then proceeded to walk down the street, sneak into the out door of the grocery store, and got my gal a bag of balloons...My girl was in heaven! So much so that she stacked them up around her and feel asleep in a heap of hot air!! Miss, you are the best!!
So, now with 8 days of school left, I feel like I got just what I needed. Time away, busy streets, lots of action, lots of fun. I know I can make it through and start next year with a fresh attitude. I also know that I can always find ways to provide my girls with a sense of adventure right here in the good ole USA...As I am planning for what's next, I am thinking my girls need to see another US monument or landmark...What's a good one? Ideas???


kate said...

What a fantastic trip! I **LOVE** NYC. And American Girl.

Do you want a road trip? While you're in FL? Hmmm....

kate said...

ps Glad to hear you sounding happier and lighter!

Anonymous said...

Come see the Golden Gate bridge - we have lots of room for you and the girls.


Cassc said...

New York is great but next time come a little farther North- Visit Boston with it's early American history, or take a day trip or two to one of the many attractions as little as an hour from Boston such as the Mayflower and Plymouth Plantation east of the city, New Hampshire's lakes and mountains to the north and the Museum of Russian icons to the west. (I know I sound a little like a guidebook :-)

Annie said...

What a lovely trip! Sounds like you had a beautiful time.

I really thought you WERE going to take a break "from the whole blog thing" for awhile. I guess that meant you were going to write more frequent and longer posts!

Jen Stevens said...

I think you NEED to come to the new Freedom Center in good ole Cincinnati. (hint hint)