Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Small Miracles

I am so sad when photos don't turn out. The miracle of this beach house is it location on the inter coastal. Then to the front is the ocean. We are now blocked by the trees, but its out there, and we walk to it everyday. The back of the condo looks out of this small river like waterway and if you catch it right, you can watch the dolphins going in or out to sea...We have looked each morning and haven't seen them. Today, at 9:17 the first pod of the summer swam by. It appears to be two, but I kept thinking that there was another who would breathe just after the first two. Maybe a family... Small miracle for me. I have never gotten over the wonder of animals in their own habitat. Let's hope there are not too many large fish in the ocean to wonder over....And soon, it will be "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel.
Second on our long list of small miracles, AugustRose is now potty training. She wears a pull-up at night, but most of the time it is dry. Just like that. She will suddenly look at me, and say, "I GOT GO TEETEE!" and then she hauls it off to her potty.
Again, Anna is her silly old self. She has forgotten how hard she cried on the last day of kindergarten. She was a sad little mess. She told me over and over that she didn't want to leave kindergarten. She didn't want another teacher. How could she see Mrs. Hall is she was in 1st grade. Mission accomplished. She loved kindergarten. The end of the first year is now behind her, and she has shells, angel wings, sand castles, and diving for coins to think about!
Another small miracle, my girl loves her Dadushka. She adores him, and wants to be at his side no matter what. With all of the trouble we had on our trip to meet her, this bond has made it "all better."

My gal hates to look at the camera for a photo, so I fear this is all we will see this summer. The top of her head or the side of her face.
Some sister fun.
Even showing me her shell "lection" she won't give me that straight on beauty!

So many small miracles in one week. So many reasons to say Thank You to the Man Upstairs. We are truly blessed to have this as our second home. We miss my mom, but we talk on the phone almost everyday. Another small miracle, I am putting my worst teaching year behind me. I am actually almost excited that as I enjoy my summer, I can look foreword to a whole new next year..
So I'd love to hear from any of you, what do your small miracles look like? What reason do you have to drop to your knees and say, "THANK YOU GOD, I am not worthy


MMrussianadoption said...

your little one looks like my little one. G-d Bless. Found you via Kates back and forth emails.

Lauri said...

My little girl would never look me in the eye at first for pics or otherwise. I used to say.." oh my what's on Mama's nose.. their is a big bug on my nose" and sure enough she would look my way.

Now she poses & says " cheese" like a pro