Thursday, July 30, 2009


Since I don't have the patience to put these photos in any sort of order, I will give ya a quick overview....This is our summer. Mornings at the beach, followed by pool time. Then afternoon quiet time, when it's too hot for the babies to be in the sun, followed by late afternoon beach time. Of course followed by late afternoon pool time. Bath time is excellent here with my dad's big ole tub...and then the girls have their late evening "pooter" time" and off to bed. Bed time in Margaritaville is usually well after 10pm. Yep, that late. The girls are sleeping during their quiet time lately so it all works out. They are not waking up until around 8 so momma gets to sleep in a bit.

I have to share that this summer has once again been great bonding time for AugustRose and I. Her bonding isn't as easy as Anna's was, since I am sharing my time with her big sister. But as we get this 24/7 time together, I am realizing more and more, that she is a "Momma's Girl." I have been holding her big self in the water so much and she is even trying to sleep a bit on my shoulder like last year... We have 2 1/2 more weeks until we go home. Honestly, you would think being here over 2 months would be enough, but it's not. Maybe in two weeks I will be ready, just not yet. I miss my mom and the Hoozez, but not enough to come home yet!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Visit With The Greenz

After the Keys, we headed up to Saint Augustine and visited with my dads remaining brothers and sisters. He is one of eight, but sadly my Uncle Buddy, my Aunt Bobbie, my Aunt Jean, and my Uncle Glen have all passed away. All very sad as they were great parents and left behind children and grandchildren.

This is Kelly's beach house. Yep, it's a single family home...When I imagine how many years it would take for me to teach in order to get a home like this, I have to laugh. I always say I took a vow of poverty when I began teaching.
All of the family was there, well most of them. Carla and her boys couldn't make it. Her youngest son was busing preparing for a new baby, and I am sure that Sarah had to work. She inherited those hard working Osteen/Green genes that keep her pretty busy.And we had a great time visiting and talking about past events. I have taken my Aunt Jean's spot, and the one who eats and then leaves to have a "moment of silence" outside. I am now joined by my cousin Justin who literally held AugustRose on his shoulders for hours.
We had a great time visiting, sometimes I do get homesick to be with them...But then I go outside and get attacked by mosquitos and realize, I can't handle the Florida weather and bugs all year...

Thursday, July 23, 2009


On July 20, 2009, the Russian Federal Ministry of Education & Science (MoE) revoked (terminated) three U.S.-based foreign adoption agencies' Permits for Adoption Activity. A Permit for Adoption Activity is what used to be called "accreditation" in Russia. A permit revocation means that the agencies' Russian representatives no longer have authority to perform adoption work within Russia. Today, the Russian MoE posted the revocation orders on its main official website. The following are links to those orders, in Russian language: Order No. 260 - Cradle Society (USA) Order No. 261 - Cradle of Hope Adoption Center (USA) Order No. 262 - Nightlight Christian Adoptions (USA) Of the three, only the permit held by Nightlight Christian Adoptions was in a suspended status. Cradle of Hope's permit was suspended in June 2008 and then reinstated in December 2008. In April, the Russian federal government enacted a revision to the rules governing Permits for Adoption Activity, which are contained in Government Decision No. 654 of November 4, 2006 (GD#654). The changes specify that an agency must wait 12 months following permit revocation before they can apply for a new permit. In cases of revocation due to a gross violation of the Russian law, an agency may never reapply. The revocation order for Cradle Society cites a failure to comply with point 21 of GD#654. This paragraph requires the agency to report, within a week, any change of address, representative personnel, phone number, change in state licensing status, reorganization, or anything else that impacts their ability to place children. The revocation order for Cradle of Hope Adoption Center cites a failure to comply with point 25, subpoint "б" of GD#654. This is a recently revised paragraph that requires the agency to report to the MoE, within 5 days, about the death, abuse, failure to adapt to the family, disruption, or re-placement of an adopted child. The revocation order for Nightlight Christian Adoptions cites a failure to comply with point 25, subpoint "б" of GD#654. This is a recently revised paragraph that requires the agency to report to the MoE, within 5 days, about the death, abuse, failure to adapt to the family, disruption, or re-placement of an adopted child.


Monday, July 20, 2009

A Quick Visit to the Keys

We went to the Dolphin Research Lab while in the keys and the girls got to touch and meet a dolphin. I was nearly in tears. The dolphins actually look at you. The turn their bodies and watch what you are saying to them. More like puppies than you could ever imagine.
This is Molly. She was a huge show off. The girls got to watch the trainers do a "practice" doctor exam. They did all of these procedures as if they were real. Just to keep the dolphins ready to have an exam when its time.

Molly followed us after we met her, she kept calling out and wanting more attention. After we left, she swam out to her big enclosure. This was not a theme park. It was more like a school. I went away feeling ok that the dolphins were not being exploited.

Can you see the iguana? We saw many of them.

Anna and AugustRose had a great time with Abuelo Baez. He is the dad of my dad's great friend from the Glades. He was so good with the girls. Funny, he couldn't really speak great English, and the girls only know Dora Spanish.

We got to go aboard the Pilar.

This is us on the boat going to the beach. We dropped the anchor and jumped in. The water was warm.

I only have this one photo, since I couldn't wait to jump it with AugustRose and Dad.
We had fun while with Juan and Ana. They were lovely hosts and we are thinking that next summer we may spend a week or two in the Keys. Jimmy Buffet music is everywhere, and the way of life is slow and easy! Juan and Ana are boaters, we may just end up being jet skiers!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Anna's 6th Birthday!

How does a happy mom of two wrap up a year in the life of a child? It's hard to do in one blog entry. My heart is full of the wonderful deliciousness that is my Anni...What I learned very early about her is that her special gift from God is "empathy." It's hard to explain but she has always, and I do mean always had her eyes on others. Looking for their feelings, making sure she had the appropriate reaction for whatever it is that other person was feeling..Sad? She stroked your face. Happy?She laughed with you. Scared? She wrapped her arms around you to ensure you.
She can melt her heart right into the feelings of those who she knows and cares for.
This tender heart of hers will carry her a long way.
Anni completed kindergarten with flying success. She continues in her 4th year of ballet and is getting quite good at it. She is slowly learning to be patient with her little sister. She is still in love with her Auntie. Miss Missy and Uncle Dave still hold a very close 2nd, as they are the only family with "cousins" that she loves and adores.
My Anni is a computer gal and loves American Girl, Build A Bear, and Webkinz. She has not gotten into the hand held games. I am trying to hold off on those for as long as I can. I fear they are right around the corner.
Anni is just starting to want her own fashions. She loves blousy "yoga pants" and can't stand leggings. They drive her nuts. She now only wears a one piece bathing suit because she doesn't want her tummy out. Her tummy is her only "baby fat" place left on her. Long gone are those chubby little legs and face. Her hair is now at issue, being fine and wispy. Just like her Aunties!
We haven't found a way to "do" it where it will look nice all day. It always ends up a hot mess...
My gal has lost 2 teeth this year, and the molars in the back are coming in. She takes beautiful care of her teeth and loves for me to floss them.
Still no pierced ears. She knows it will hurt a bit, and she is not ready. It's fine with me. I don't want to have to deal with earrings and all of that. Anni wore her gold cross necklace from Poppi until her sister came home and ripped it off. For her birthday, my mom had it fixed and is sending to her!
Anni still says, "But" a whole lot. As in, "Anni, clean up your room." "BUT Mommy I am still playing and will mess it up." Oh well. If that's my biggest problem, huh?
Anni loves New Hope Church and her friends there. We haven't been since we are on vacation and we are reading the Princess Bible at night. I haven't done a great job at encouraging nightly prayers. That will be our goal for her 6th year.
Anni's manners are spot on. Always a "Thank You, Bless You, No Ma'am, Yes Ma'am, and No Thank You."
My gal isn't a wanter. She can go through a toy store knowing that she may choose one small dollar amount item and will stick to that. I show her toys as ideas and she will tell me that she likes it but doesn't want to buy it. She will put her favorite items down in front of her and literally do a pro and con list right there in the store.
So today, on Anni's 6th, we did the WaterPark again, and came back to have her birthday time. We did a little scavenger hunt for her to find the new bike that Dadushka got for her. And there was tons of Littlest Pet Shop toys! We managed to have cake, ice cream, pizza, popcorn, and some puzzle time, all in one afternoon!
It was a great day, and both girlz are now sleeping. Hopefully dreaming of bike riding and summer fun!

Anni and AugustRose giving some love! Momma and her girlz!Autie!!Dadushka and the new Princess bike he got for her!

Saturday, July 04, 2009


will post more pics soon, but wanted everone to know we are waiving our flags, and prepping for fireworks tonight!
no dolphins since the other day. Miss you Hoozez, hope you are having a wonderful day!
Miss you Mom.