Thursday, July 09, 2009

Anna's 6th Birthday!

How does a happy mom of two wrap up a year in the life of a child? It's hard to do in one blog entry. My heart is full of the wonderful deliciousness that is my Anni...What I learned very early about her is that her special gift from God is "empathy." It's hard to explain but she has always, and I do mean always had her eyes on others. Looking for their feelings, making sure she had the appropriate reaction for whatever it is that other person was feeling..Sad? She stroked your face. Happy?She laughed with you. Scared? She wrapped her arms around you to ensure you.
She can melt her heart right into the feelings of those who she knows and cares for.
This tender heart of hers will carry her a long way.
Anni completed kindergarten with flying success. She continues in her 4th year of ballet and is getting quite good at it. She is slowly learning to be patient with her little sister. She is still in love with her Auntie. Miss Missy and Uncle Dave still hold a very close 2nd, as they are the only family with "cousins" that she loves and adores.
My Anni is a computer gal and loves American Girl, Build A Bear, and Webkinz. She has not gotten into the hand held games. I am trying to hold off on those for as long as I can. I fear they are right around the corner.
Anni is just starting to want her own fashions. She loves blousy "yoga pants" and can't stand leggings. They drive her nuts. She now only wears a one piece bathing suit because she doesn't want her tummy out. Her tummy is her only "baby fat" place left on her. Long gone are those chubby little legs and face. Her hair is now at issue, being fine and wispy. Just like her Aunties!
We haven't found a way to "do" it where it will look nice all day. It always ends up a hot mess...
My gal has lost 2 teeth this year, and the molars in the back are coming in. She takes beautiful care of her teeth and loves for me to floss them.
Still no pierced ears. She knows it will hurt a bit, and she is not ready. It's fine with me. I don't want to have to deal with earrings and all of that. Anni wore her gold cross necklace from Poppi until her sister came home and ripped it off. For her birthday, my mom had it fixed and is sending to her!
Anni still says, "But" a whole lot. As in, "Anni, clean up your room." "BUT Mommy I am still playing and will mess it up." Oh well. If that's my biggest problem, huh?
Anni loves New Hope Church and her friends there. We haven't been since we are on vacation and we are reading the Princess Bible at night. I haven't done a great job at encouraging nightly prayers. That will be our goal for her 6th year.
Anni's manners are spot on. Always a "Thank You, Bless You, No Ma'am, Yes Ma'am, and No Thank You."
My gal isn't a wanter. She can go through a toy store knowing that she may choose one small dollar amount item and will stick to that. I show her toys as ideas and she will tell me that she likes it but doesn't want to buy it. She will put her favorite items down in front of her and literally do a pro and con list right there in the store.
So today, on Anni's 6th, we did the WaterPark again, and came back to have her birthday time. We did a little scavenger hunt for her to find the new bike that Dadushka got for her. And there was tons of Littlest Pet Shop toys! We managed to have cake, ice cream, pizza, popcorn, and some puzzle time, all in one afternoon!
It was a great day, and both girlz are now sleeping. Hopefully dreaming of bike riding and summer fun!

Anni and AugustRose giving some love! Momma and her girlz!Autie!!Dadushka and the new Princess bike he got for her!


Christine said...

Happy birthday! Your girls are just precious!

Annie said...

What a beautiful idea. Writing up the year, I mean.

She sounds like a dear, dear little girl and she and her sister are so beautiful... I adore that first photo with the balloons...and the pink dresses!

kate said...

What a sweet heart. (Yes, I meant that to be two words. Her heart is sweet.)

Jen Stevens said...

Looks like a perfect 6th birthday, for the best little 6 year old around.

Annie said...

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