Monday, July 20, 2009

A Quick Visit to the Keys

We went to the Dolphin Research Lab while in the keys and the girls got to touch and meet a dolphin. I was nearly in tears. The dolphins actually look at you. The turn their bodies and watch what you are saying to them. More like puppies than you could ever imagine.
This is Molly. She was a huge show off. The girls got to watch the trainers do a "practice" doctor exam. They did all of these procedures as if they were real. Just to keep the dolphins ready to have an exam when its time.

Molly followed us after we met her, she kept calling out and wanting more attention. After we left, she swam out to her big enclosure. This was not a theme park. It was more like a school. I went away feeling ok that the dolphins were not being exploited.

Can you see the iguana? We saw many of them.

Anna and AugustRose had a great time with Abuelo Baez. He is the dad of my dad's great friend from the Glades. He was so good with the girls. Funny, he couldn't really speak great English, and the girls only know Dora Spanish.

We got to go aboard the Pilar.

This is us on the boat going to the beach. We dropped the anchor and jumped in. The water was warm.

I only have this one photo, since I couldn't wait to jump it with AugustRose and Dad.
We had fun while with Juan and Ana. They were lovely hosts and we are thinking that next summer we may spend a week or two in the Keys. Jimmy Buffet music is everywhere, and the way of life is slow and easy! Juan and Ana are boaters, we may just end up being jet skiers!!

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