Friday, July 24, 2009

A Visit With The Greenz

After the Keys, we headed up to Saint Augustine and visited with my dads remaining brothers and sisters. He is one of eight, but sadly my Uncle Buddy, my Aunt Bobbie, my Aunt Jean, and my Uncle Glen have all passed away. All very sad as they were great parents and left behind children and grandchildren.

This is Kelly's beach house. Yep, it's a single family home...When I imagine how many years it would take for me to teach in order to get a home like this, I have to laugh. I always say I took a vow of poverty when I began teaching.
All of the family was there, well most of them. Carla and her boys couldn't make it. Her youngest son was busing preparing for a new baby, and I am sure that Sarah had to work. She inherited those hard working Osteen/Green genes that keep her pretty busy.And we had a great time visiting and talking about past events. I have taken my Aunt Jean's spot, and the one who eats and then leaves to have a "moment of silence" outside. I am now joined by my cousin Justin who literally held AugustRose on his shoulders for hours.
We had a great time visiting, sometimes I do get homesick to be with them...But then I go outside and get attacked by mosquitos and realize, I can't handle the Florida weather and bugs all year...

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