Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School Stuff!

This year is a bit different than last year. Anna has definately figured out what is most comfortable to wear, what is coolest or warmest, what she likes. She still goes back to pink every time, but thankfully she is branching out into some more colors.

I am pretty frugal with certain things, but shoes are not one of them. In preschool, Anna wore about 4 different pairs of shoes through the year. Last year, she wore two. One for the first half of the year, one for the second. There were occasional weather related changes to her schedule such as super rain, or snow, but for the most part, she likes to stick to one thing.

This summer we have looked at several shoe types and she always goes back to wanting Sketchers. I prefer her to wear the velcro basic white leather Keds. We have looked on line, and shopped at both the outlet malls and regular malls and we have found many shoes that I thought she would like, but she would say, No Maam, I want to look at the Sketchers. We had such a hard time finding them so we moved on each time without shoes.
BUT guess what we found.......Twinkle Toes Sketchers, size 12.5 on sale if you spend 75.00
Yes, I know its a lot, but she will wear them til they fall off so we got two pairs. One pink, one blue. AugustRose got a pair too. She got the pink ones just like big sister. I think she liked them because of the name "Twinkle Toes."
As for clothes, we have made a drastic change in what the preferences are. I am a creature of habit so it has always been Children's Place for us. Lot's of good sales, pretty sturdy clothes, and from season to season, you can mix and match and the colors usually line up. We still choose yoga pants as the style. (No zippers or buttons, just a slight folded over band at the waist) Found those at Old Navy 2 for 10.oo so we got a bucket load of those, and the drastic part is the tops. Anna loves polo style shirts. She likes the feeling and fit of them and we have been wearing them alot this summer. So sadly, and with much regret, our family is shopping the Ralph Lauren outlet and online. I hit an awesome sale a few days ago online and got each of the girlz 4 shirts. None of them were more than $20.oo.
I found a couple more at a Macy's sale, but they are hit or miss and if they had more colors, I could have gotten more.
So we are finished with clothes for both girlz.
Anna's supply list was short this year. I got some things here in Florida because it is hard to pass on a pack of 24 Crayola crayons for .56 cents! I had a $25.oo gift card to Office Depot and used that to gather some composition books and folders and extra glue sticks.
When I get home, I will see what AugustRose has to bring in for preschool. She is so excited to start school. I am excited to see how she will do. She is buck wild sometimes, but at Church they say she is really focused and behaves nicely..We'll see when she is in class 3 days per week and 3 1/2 hours each time.
Being in Florida with my dad has been simply amazing. We leave this Friday wrapping up two months of bliss and sunshine. The beach, the pool, the wide open places to run and play have been wonderful bonding times for the girlz. Each of them in their own way got peices of me that we could do if we were at home. This is what they will remember when they grow up. Spending time with their family in Florida every summer. I am sad to leave and start thinking about my real life. But I am hopeful for the next year. I have let go of dreading the new bell schedule, let go of the crazy family who harrassed me all year, let go of not getting a raise...Well almost. But I am looking forward to getting back to start with my team. I miss my girls Heather and Stacy. I bet Heather is soon to be preggo, and I am sure Stacy's baby Lilli is doing some amazing new things and of course I have to hear about Margaret's summer...
My mom is going crazy without her grans, and like everyone else would, I feel a bit guilty being away for 2 months..Okay it's late and we are driving to a different beach tomorrow. Gotta be well rested to lay under an umbrella and watch my girlz play!

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