Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Changes and an Intervention...

Ok, so as you know my house was supposed to go on the market before I left for the summer. I couldn't get it together, couldn't get a lender to guarantee me a loan, and quite honestly ran out of time to pack up the nic-nacs before I left for my vacation. My mother has watched me struggle to get this house organized since AugustRose came home. She has tried to help figure out a way to keep toys in one spot, clothes on the right side of the closets, winter clothes and summer clothes organized, and even holiday decorations put in a place to keep them safe and uncluttered..Nothing has worked. I just end up with a house in a heap. The girls are just not ready to keep their toys in one room.
Now my mom is always pro-active. If there is a problem, she will find the answer. She is not one to wallow in the misery like me. So, she finds townhouses, goes to see them and if they fit my needs she presents them to me. Because I am/was an independent girl, I have consistently told her that I can't get financing for a house until I sell mine. I get sell mine until I get it all organized and straight. I don't mean to, but I sort of put up roadblocks since I don't want to take help that my mom and dad offer me. So it has been a vicious circle of my family coming up with solutions and me shooting them down, then my parents listening to me complain, and on and on. Well all things have changed.
Upon coming home, my mom found a townhouse that is perfect for me. I, of course shot the idea down. I yelled at her for doing this to me again. Then magically my dad called to say he wanted to come up and see us. (I thought it was just because he missed us already) When he got here, we took a drive and he told me, "Let's go over and just look at that townhouse your mother found." I rolled my eyes, knowing that I can't afford to do anything, and finding financing would require too much, but I went anyway. WOW! The real estate agents were there, the workers were there, and they said, "Hey Julianne, come in and see what you think."
Huh? How are these people so familiar with me? We walked around the 3 LEVELs and I wanted to cry, knowing how perfect it is. 3 Bedrooms, A little kitchen, but a HUGE living room, a nice size playroom in the basement, separate dining area, big master bedroom, and it's own backyard..
When we were walking around, he asked me if I wanted it. I started naming all of the reasons, it couldn't happen, and he kept saying, "Don't put up obstacles." We came home and my dad sat me down and told me what the plan was..Through a series of crazy check writing, it was possible to pay cash for the house (Which is well below market value) and then once I sell my condo, I can pay everyone back. I thought about it for about 5 minutes, prayed about it for about 10 minutes, and then accepted the generous offer. It seems that my whole family has gone to see this house, and intervened to make it happen. My sister has even snuck out to see it...
We signed the contract last night. We close on September 18th.
What is really funny about the whole thing is that I told my dad, I still want to go to Russia. He told me that if I went to Russia, I could rent it out, or leave it empty. That may or may not ever happen, but this townhouse is going to happen!!
I have prayed for so much to "start going easier" and this is the biggest of my worries. God works quickly when it's a good thing!


Anonymous said...

I just think this is the best news I've had all summer. Your family just loves you so much. There are so many good things coming your way.
Love you!

Jen Stevens said...

I am so happy for you. I know that claustrophobic feeling all too well, now that we have 4 kids cluttering up the place.

Ian said...

Never say I can't ,always say I could if...

julz said...

I am just thrilled about this! I need to say, "I can" a whole lot more!!
Yeahhhhhh New House!

Tina in CT said...

You are very fortunate to have such a loving, caring family to arrange this. KHow wonderful for your parents to intervene in getting you and the girls into a larger place.

Why in heavens name would you ever want to live in Russia? I see and hear how much harder it is for daily life for my daughter (and on my visits there) and just can't imagine wanting to live there. I'm sure she would trade places and be back here in the burbs in a house and settled.

Martinfamily4 said...

although it is very vague and I do not update enough.... hope to hear from you soon. Judy

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Tina~ I can't be sure why I want to live in Russia...I think my time there was so blissful, (getting my babies)with drivers, translators, coordinators and every need met, that I feel like it would be that way if I lived there...I know its tough for expats. I don't begin to understand it, just dream about it!
My family is my blessing, and I shouldn't ever doubt that!
Judy, What a small world, It was great to meet you, and can't wait to start some field trips with our new "Ukie Beauty!"

Jim said...

Jj - Congratulations on your new townhouse! It sounds wonderful! How wonderful is it that your family was willing to do this for you?

Tina in CT said...

You have such wonderful memories of your times in Moscow as that is when you adopted your little girls. As you wrote, you had drivers, translators, coordinators, had every need met. Boy is that far from what I see of my daughter's life living there. Fortunately she has spoken fluent Russian since she was 17 and went on to study it intensively in college and grad school so she had a big edge on most expats that move there for jobs or because of a spouse's job . Getting around is not easy if you aren't lucky enough to afford a private driver and that is very, very costly. They never had one the first two years before they bought a used car. She had to slept everywhere, carry all her groceries and purchases while having the two girls. Many of the large streets need to be crossed by underground passes. This means lugging a stroller down the stairs and then up again. Let me tell you that for all the bad rap we get here in the US, men in the US offer to help more often than not with the stroller. Not in Moscow. Pushing a stroller in the winter is an ordeal with the snow, brown inches deep slop and frozen ice on the sidewalks. Often cars are parked on the sidewalks too so getting by them is difficult. Parked cars on a sidewalk here in the US sure is not allowed. Not being able to find things that you used daily back home in the US is frustrating. Many items are just too costly to buy there (paper towels, peanut butter, turkey to name a few). I could go on but I think I've left enough.

The pluses are many - breathtaking architecture, culture, Bolshoi, Moscow Circus and warm, friendly Muscovites. They have many Russian friends since both my daughter and SIL speak fluent Russian and both have since teenagers (a real plus).

Moscow is an extremely expensive place to live. Living there on a teacher's salary, you'd never have any where near the standard of living that you have back home.

Cherish your wonderful memories from bringing your daughters home as they are so special for you. One day go back for a visit when they are old enough to have it a memorable trip and when they will appreciate it and seeing where they came from.

Yes, your family is a blessing and such wonderful grandparents. Your daughters are so lucky to have them (as are your parents to have the two little girls to love and enrich their lives). They are so lucky to have them close by. I miss so much by having mine in Moscow and I hate it but it's what it is. I am lucky to see them twice a year as not all grandparents have that.

Stacey said...

This is a wonderful post to end my day on :) I am so thrilled for you and your girls. Your family and their love for you and your girls is something that everyone dreams of (based on the stories you tell and the time and love they share with you from reading your blog ;)
I think you can take a big, deep breath and EXHALE!!! YIPEE!!! When everyone pulls together and loves in the same direction, BIG things happen. Congrats on the new home - can't wait to see pictures!!!

kate said...

Wow!! Amazing. What a blessing that this has been handed to you. Once you're out, will your old house be easier to sell?

I hope this is the start to many things being easier for you this year. ;>