Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Bit Of History

I changed the blog layout and header again...Everytime I looked at that Beach background, I felt a little sad, so onto Fall..My other favorite time of year!

Hillary got me thinking about our history. You know that saying "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it," well that's what I am afraid of..Looking through my many photos of the adoption process, makes my adoption clock tick..Not loudly, but I hear it! Maybe I will never adopt again, but I will go back to Russia and see the most beautiful city in the world, Khabarovsk, Russia...

I can't beleive how much my daughters have grown and changed. I am sure everyone says that. My mom is always saying how time flies, but I try my best to hold onto every moment. This time of year does bring me back to both girls adoptions.
I was traveling for court for Anna, and traveling to meet AugustRose. The fall is such a special time. I am oddly envious of gals like Stacey. Poor thing is in that watiing stage, has been there a while. But Lord knows good things are coming to her. That goodness that happens on the court trip is as close to magical as I know of. I could do that again and again, I just don't think I can do the money, the paperwork, the waiting, the frustration, the agency...Just can't do it. I can't wait for us to travel to the FarEast to work with the orphanages. I can't wait to put my feet back onto Russian soil, not for an adoption, but to give back. To give some sort of offering of love."
Thank you Hillary for reminding me of those good days in Khabarovsk.


Tina in CT said...

Love, love, love your new design for fall but I sure loved the summer design. Bring that back for next summer in Naples, FL. You must get your designs from a different source than my daughter went to when we were looking for something for my blog. I never saw stuff like that.

Your slide presentation is so moving. I hadn't realized your first daughter was a baby when you brought her home. Yes, fall will always be your special time.

Love your blog.

Stacey said...

I think I might be the Stacey from your post and I feel pretty special making your page :) The waiting is hard... so many wonderings of who he might be, if he's OK, if anyone made him smile today, and worst of all is he safe and healthy? Just getting there and meeting him and having a face to put to the dreams... that will help... then the dreaming of court and the moment you hear, "DA" and walk away from the baby home for the last time holding the most precious little hand... the hand of your child - I can see why adoption and that moment has such a special place in your heart. This adoption journey is hard... but caring people like you make it bearable. Thanks for having gone before me and for helping me hang on. You are a true friend and someone I hope I can meet in person some day and introduce my son. P.S. your blog looks great too!

Tina in CT said...

How's the sorting and packing so you can get your condo on the market going? What a BIG job.

You must be going back to school within a week or so for teacher's meetings and getting your room ready before school opens. Sure hope this year is 100% better than last. I don't know the history as I recently started regularly reading your blog.