Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am already overwhelmed.
The SOAR packet was returned, and it needs editing. This will require several phone calls for clarification, and then more paperwork, then more phonecalls. Feels like adoption paperwork, do it, redo it, clarify, then do it again.
I just found out that my storage unit was broken into, and instead of taken out all of my things, some things were taken out and left all over the floor of the basement, and then they packed all of their things ontop of mine..So I get to unpack boxes upon boxes to get out my last couple of things left in there...
AND, while in my absense, my neighbors moved. YEAHHHHHHH. They were slobs and had a pit bull. I wouldn't have really been concerned, but it was a rescue dog. This means it was raised by someone else, and the neighbors couldn't really predict its behavior. It was huge!
I am trying desperately to love being home, but it ain't working. My house got so small over the summer. I feel like I am living in a dark box. The girls are all out of sorts and have made a huge mess in their room, playing with all of their toys that they missed while in Florida.
AugustRose's preschool paperwork was due on August 3, while I was in Florida. I am freaking out that she might have been dropped. Even though Anna went to school there, AugustRose got "wait-listed" because I turned in her paperwork 1 day after they started accepting applications. She got accepted in late June, and if this causes her to be put on another wait list, I am going to be so irritated...
I need some prayers, as I am overwhelmed. My head is spinning at everything I need to get done in the next week...

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Jen Stevens said...

Take a deep breath. It'll get better.
I'd be bummed too leaving all that beauty and sunshine.