Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ho Hum, A Sick Tooth

Anna had a cavity filled here in Naples...I am very angry at myself that she even had the cavity. I thought we were doing well...It came up pretty quickly, and I didn't want it to go too far, so we had it filled. The dentist and the staff was amazing. They gave her "laughing gas" and she never felt the shots, never winced, never complained. She was an amazing little trooper. The whole time I was beating myself up inside for letting my child's tooth get a cavity. I was so worried this would traumatize her, but No!

She was very numb afterwords and that did scare her. She cried in the car because she didn't know when she would feel normal again...She kept saying "I can't feel my mouth." I was sad that I let this happen to her. We got new toothbrushes, and I asked the nurse to watch her brush to see what she is missing. She gave her a few hints and tips and we bought some kids floss that she can do on her own. She is so careful with her teeth, but I have to do better...

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