Monday, August 24, 2009

I refuse to believe that I have Martha Stewart as a BFF! But I do.
She is spot on with the holidays, we have celebrated Halloween and Easter for 5 years together, and never once has she failed to set a lovely fun table and have treats for everyone...Oh, and we are even decorate gingerbread cookies at Christmas. So it wasn't surprising that she made a Toy Story cake for Fibi's birthday party at the bounce house. (It looked JUST LIKE THIS ONE, but my I can't get the pic to post)
She is That girl. Always on the money. Ready, prepared. I have to wonder sometimes what the Heck she is doing with me? I think I add the comic relief, but never a meal. Unless you count bringing tomatoes every so often. Our children get along beautifully, and we are truly family.
We both have solid beliefs in Christ and how to raise our children in the Church. We both believe in "Thank You" cards... We both love Russia. We both like being with our families more than going out and about to "adult" parties and events. Wow, who'd of thunk it? Me and Martha Stewart?
And my Martha Stewart gave me the most adorable Coach bag for my birthday...
I wonder if the other Martha's gives her BFF cool gifts like this?
Thanks Missi!


Tina in CT said...

That's some BFF - a coach purse for a birthday gift. Wow.

Love the Toy Story cake and I'm very impressed.

Happy b-day.

Tina in CT said...

I just saw your comment on Crocs on my blog.

A thought for the girls. If the fleece lined ones work for them, can they just be left at school for their inside shoes since they wear boots to and from school once the weather turns cold and yukky. That's how it's done in Russia.

My granddaughters are lucky not to get blisters from the Crocs. My daughter used to wear the slip on style but now that she is out in the professional world, she doesn't wear them but she does have Croc heels. I'll have to go online to see what they look like. She did have two pairs of dressier Croc sandals (not the flip flip style) this summer and you'd never know they were not leather.

Jen Stevens said...

Martha is pretty awesome!

kate said...

Wow!! Lovely friend and lovely gift.