Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Progress

As for SOAR, I have made some progress. Contacted the IRS and realized that they need certified copies of all of my documents, and not MY copies. So I contacted the State Corporation Commission in Richmond, and have certified copies on their way. Once I submit that to the IRS, we should be good to go! (Within a given period period of time of course)

As for AugustRose's preschool, I am actually all good. I have paid all of the fees, so they are willing to wait for the additional paperwork. Thank the Lord. This preschool is excellent, and after Anna's experience, I know it will be a wonderful place for AugustRose.

Now for my house. Yuck.
It is too small. It is too dark. But I cannot rebuild it, so I will deal with it. This week I will start prayerfully planning what is next for my little family. I am going back to small group for the first time since I adopted AugustRose. I know that has been a big missing peice for me. I miss my NewHope friends, and I need help from the BIG GUY. I cannot do this alone, and need to put my heart back into his hands!

On a side note, If you are reading this blog, leave a comment with your blog so I can link back to you...I know you are out there! And for those who don't have blogs, leave a comment so I can get to know you! AND JEN S. I don't have access to your blog! I need all the info.


Ian said...

Tina in CT said...

Love, love, love your blog header and the pictures. You put it all together so beautifully.

I've commented before about this - your beautiful daughters.

Glad for you that it worked out for preschool for your daughter and that she's "in".

I've been to Naples so know what you mean about the beautiful beaches and wealthy "natives". Nice place to spend the summer is right.

Hope your school year goes a lot better for you this year.

I now have my own blog. Tamara and Rachael worked on it the weekend we all were together at Rachael's parents' house in NY a few weeks ago.

Christine said...

I agree with Tina-- cute header! Sorry, no John doesn't have an available brother-- but my advice is to consider dating a man completely opposite of what you think you are attracted to. That is how I found my wonderful hubby.

Anonymous said...

Hi there you know me. Can't believe we are almost at our 5 year Gotcha days with our oldest. Every day in Spetember I will be thinking and saying "5 years ago is was doing such and such."