Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Day Two

I have been back at work for two days, and my back is KILLING ME...I take a muscle relaxer as soon as I get home, and then about an hour later, I take a Tylenol. (or two) I am wearing my tennis shoes, since I thought they would give me the best support, but my feet (and the back) are hurting. Not the whole foot, just the bottom of my feet and the inside of my ankles..Weird, huh?
My class is already coming together. I cleaned out A LOT of stuff last year, so everything is ready to unpack and put in its spot. I rearranged my room, since we know we will have high numbers and I need more floor and table space. I have a SmartBoard that is so poorly placed, and ill planned for that I have a long set of cords that runs from said SmartBoard to the wall. This hazard has to be taped down then covered with a rug. The rug I used last year, is small and doesn't cover the new layout. So, I am going to actually ask the school or the PTA for one. Since we didn't get a COLA, or a step increase, I really cannot afford to spend the money I normally do. I am limiting my spending to $100.oo for September. I am already halfway there, so a rug won't fit into the plan..
I already have 23 students in my class. This is not good. That means we only need 9 students to register and we would get a new class. It could happen, but the way the neighborhood families come and go, we could lose as many as we gain. I have one hope. Just one. I hope they are all independent in their toileting. I can handle that most of them won't speak any English, I can handle that they will not have any school experience, I can handle that some will run to the door to get out, some will cry and want me to actually pick them up, but I cannot handle when they go to the "potty"and can't do it alone. Last year, one child, well, let's just say he had a horrible time trying to finish up, so he took matters into his own hands, and then those hands made their way to the bathroom wall, then to his pants, then to the sink, ....you get the drift. Last year, 2 came into class in pull ups. And many, many, wet their pants while IN the bathroom. Bless their hearts, please let them be ready in this one way.
I am beyond happy to be starting fresh. I adore my teammates. One is a few years younger than me, she's married with the most precious baby I have seen since my own. The other is in her late 20's and is a true life hippy. The hippy has a heart of gold, and is recently married. We all have full time assistants, but mine is the best! "Mags" and I work so well together. We laugh at the same things, and both of us burst into tears when our poor little children bring us presents from 'their country.' It's good to be happy. Even if I complain next week, I know at the heart of it, I love teaching with the crowd of women on my team.
We close on the house on the 18th, and then I will be a crazy person, living 1/2 way between two places. But I love organized chaos. Hey, I teach kindergarten, I have to!


Tina in CT said...

You'll have to excuse my questions but since I've not been around since the beginning, I need to get caught up.

Do you teach preschool in a multicultural area? Judging from your blog tonight, that's what I gathered.

You're lucky to have such a great teaching associate and work with an equally great group of professionals.

Good luck in your rug search.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Actually I teach Kindergarten. The area where I work is a high immigrant area. It is a title 1 school, so we are more than 1/2 free and reduced lunch. Many of the children do not speak english,and for some reason, many of the parents treat them as though they were much younger. The toilet issues are very cultural. Many of our muslim children toilet VeRy differently than we do at school. My students start out much lower than students in a non title 1 school. But we still have to get them to the benchmark!
It makes it very interesting!!

Tina in CT said...

Talk about challenging!

I loved subbing for kindergarten when I subbed for years. I don't recall ever having bathroom issues with the kids. I'm sure if there had been, I'd have remembered as that would have been a LASTING bad memory.

Are both of your girls in preschool/daycare or is your older daughter in kindergarten?

I wrote about my first day of school yesterday on my blog.

Have a good day at school today. Thanks for answering my questions.

kate said...

How's it going? When do kiddos arrive? Ours started last week--with teachers the week before. But, I have a nice class (as always) and it's been good to be back.

Jen Stevens said...

I wish you could be Avery's teacher. homeschooling is just another adventure though, i guess.
I will be praying that the potty issue is a non-issue this year. You deserve a fabulous year after the last one.