Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm A Real Estate Mogul

As of today, this single mom of two is the official owner of 2 homes. YEP, two. Eat our heart out Donald Trump, it doesn't take BAD Hair and tons of money to live large!!! As of next week, not only will I own two homes, but I will have one of these bad boys:

Sweet, sweet maker of pizza's and cookies. Sweet, sweet box of metal who will not heat up my entire kitchen to a sauna's level of warmth. I can't wait to have a scratch free surface...Oh how I long to boil eggs on your upper level, while baking brownies on the lower level...I can't say if I will go with white, or brushed the BFF, Martha suggested. Will see.

One thing is for sure. I am getting started on the girlz playroom. The colors have been chosen, and we went with Everglade Glen and Pink Taffy. The floor is currently yellow linoleum tiles of golden yellow..Ugh. But flooring can't start, until I figure out what color will go best. I am planning to live with the yellow ugliness, until I decide what will go best. I already love the neighborhood. Two families actually came over to introduce themselves. What? I didn't know that was done...That's the beauty of living in the burbs. People are nice. What a great day. My girls went to a Build A Bear party, and I painted. Two walls down. The Everglade Glen brightened the room up already. It already feels like home.

We also got our little package from Tina. And we love it!! Thank you so much for thinking of us. I am saving it for Anna. I am sure she will do something treat worthy soon! You are awesome for thinking of us!!

I haven't said much about my job lately, since I have come home every night and worked til eleven getting it all together. On the day of Open House, I gained two students. The first week of school, I lost one, and on Friday, I got 2 more. We officially hit the mark for adding a new kindergarten. I have NO IDEA how this will work, since we added two trailers to our school this year, and we are completely maxed out. We have NO room for new students. Every grade is at its limit, yet there is no where for anyone to go. Thank goodness, I am in love with this group of kids. Although I have many, many four year olds, I like the vibe in my class. I had to fuss at them one day and told them that the reason I was so tough on them is because they are the best kindergarten, and that people expect more from the "smart class." Maybe I shouldn't say things like this, but I don't want them to think I am just mean, I want them to know that I expect greatness, and this year, I really think they are full of greatness. I wish I could show you one of my little four year olds. She is chubby and follows me around like a cat's tail. She wears a plastic rosary, and on Friday, the Cross broke off at recess. She ran around the playground crying, "I lost my necklace," over and over. She was pitiful. We had to go in, and she was pulling on my assistant telling her to "HELP me find my necklace." We wanted to cry. We spent a good part of our planning time walking the playground until we found that little plastic cross. She was so pleased when we showed her. Don't you wish we all had two people following us around finding our lost items, and cleaning our messes, tying our shoes, and wiping our tears away. It's good to be a kindergartner sometimes..

Say a prayer for a blogger friend. She needs our love, as does a child she loves. I hope she is strong, and I hope she knows I care so much about her!


Tina in CT said...

I'm glad the Kit book arrived. Thank you for the kind words.

I'm glad that you now are in your new place. Hope your condo sells quickly.

Tina in CT said...

Have you moved in or did you just close on the new place?