Saturday, September 05, 2009

What I Have Just Realized.

Car insurance is a racket.
I got a ticket two years ago, and then one last year. My rate went up by....wait for it....

Cable TV is a waste.
I have a gagillion channels, and I am watching none of them. I am a Nancy Grace fan, and torture myself by watching all of the horrible things people do to each other on that show What can I say? I am an emotional cutter. (You win a Dollar if you know where that came from)

McDonald's Happy Meals ROCK
American Girl books in each one. Now I eat them so we can have a chance at getting Kit K. over and over again!!!

Earaches make me bitchy. Very Bitchy.
Now I understand the crying children in the waiting room at KidsDocs.

Life cereal with cinnamon is better than any candy.

Finally, I found a video that made me laugh outloud several years ago when it happened..It is unfortunate for all involved. But after seeing it on RT a million times that year, I started getting the giggles each time I watched it!


Annie said...

Well, I'm in love with the dark haired guy. He was so full of manly restraint - even to choosing to leave rather than confront the gray-haired jerk. Then, urged to come back; he did it with dignity - until the gray-haired guy physically attacked him again. So manly. So rightous! Did you ever figure out what this was about?

Car insurance is a rip off.

Cable TV is a TOTAL waste and they know it - otherwise they'd let us pay by the channel. I'd get PBS and TRUTV. NO stupid Disney. After watching 3-4 of those shows in the hotel one after the other, I see where Anastasia has picked up those snooty, disrespectful mannerisms. Ick! Word to the wise mother of sweet (so far) young girls.

The American Girl booklets are AMAZING and Anastasia has only gotten ONE duplicate out of 4. (I only took her two of those times and one of them,I got a kids' meal, too.)

I've never had an earache; I guess that is a good thing. I hope you are better now.

Tina in CT said...

Are the AG books in the Happy Meals the real, full size books that go with the historic dolls? If they are miniatures, then I'll have to start buying Happy Meals to save them for Katya and Natalia.

As for the video, the gray hair man is a jerk. What a lack of restraint. Wonder what the subject matter was?

I also can't stand Disney channel. So different from the Mickey Mouse Club that I grew up with and the later version my daughter grew up with.

Yikes about your car insurance doubling? How many years will you have to pay the double insurance before it goes back down? Invest in a radar control for your car to avoid future tickets.

I also wish we could just pay for the cable channels that we want.

I don't know who Nancy Grace is.

It's another weather perfect day here in CT. This is my favorite kind of weather and wish we could have it 6 months a year.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

My car insurance will be high for 3 years, but they CAN adjust it in 6 months at the end of this period..Nancy Grace is an attorney who used to be on CourtTV. Now she is on HNN, and does a show about current crimes.
The American Girl Books are in a little packet and have a tiny little paperdoll in the set. It also had a little scene, and some stickers. VERY CUTE! We have not gotten KIT yet, only Julie Albright, Kaya, and Molly.
I kept the Kaya in its set since my girls don't know her well. They tore up the other sets!! I am taking the other ones we may get. AugustRose is a bull in a china shoppe, so she messes them up too quickly..
If you order the happy meal you get small portions and it actually saved me on calaries, since I didnt get a big burger like I usually do~
OH, and the grey haired man is the Czech VP! Can you beleive it? The other man is a health minister!

Annie said...

One of the adoptive moms in our Russian School is from "Slovakland" as she calls it. I'll have to send her this. Is this guy still in office?

I like to get Happy Meals, too, for the same reason....especially with the cute toys. These are actually better for older children than their toys usually are. Anastasia loves hers. (Well, so do I.)

Tina in CT said...

I made a special trip to McDonald's about a half hour ago and asked if I could buy the American Girl books and bought all the varities they had (Kaya, Addie and Felicity) for around $1.70 each. I'll keep going back for the remaining 5. So glad that I read your blog today but I enjoy checking it every day.

Melissa said...

Good lord you found the clip. Doesn't it just make you want to slap someone in the head??? LOL!

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

I think we were on the phone at one point watching Russian News, and we saw it...Do you remember?
We laughed and laughed.
It was around the time we listed to Brooksie snore???

Tina in CT said...

I went to 2 other McDonald's today so now have all 8 of the American Girl historic doll activity books. You can ask them for which ones they have and buy them for $1.70. If you are buying a Happy Meal, just ask them which books they have and ask for the ones you are missing.

The last day for the American Girl books is the 10th as a new promo starts on Friday so don't put it off if you want all of them.

Tina in CT said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that I only mentioned Annie. After I left my comment last weekend on your blog, I had an email from Annie.

Thank you for mentioning the books. Would you like me to go to my local McDonald's to see if they have Kit? If so, I could get it and mail it to you. They told me that they keep them in the back to fill in if they run out of Happy Meal freebies.

I'm going by two tomorrow while doing errands so please let me know first thing on Saturday.

Tina in CT said...

Kit Kittridge - Success! I went to McDonald's while I was out doing errands and went inside to ask about getting a Kit. They went in the back room and came out with one for me (for your daughters). Leave a comment on my blog so I'll know how to contact you to get your mailing address so I can mail it off this week to you.