Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Green is the new black

So you would think we would be completely moved in by now, but not so much. I have been focusing on the playroom and sort of stopped all movement when I realized I hated the floor much more than I thought I would.

Here are a couple of before and afters. This is the wall looking out to the small back yard..There is this odd vent area above the window and door, that didn't look nice at all. Even with a new paint job, you could see all of the bumps and bruises, so I did a little "stickering" and it looks much less obvious..

Here are my favorite items in the room. Our pink china cabinets..The girls have tons of nic-nax, just like their momma, and we needed a place for them. Some things we don't play with such as the snow globe collection. There are also our Russian collectibles. Items that could be replaced, so they can take them out with grownup help, but only sometimes...The other things are stuffed animals that were given to the girls at their baby showers. Again, we play with them, but only for a bit. The rest are books, and those are always out. I had to pack up two boxes of books and give them to Goodwill. They are just too worn out, and we need to replace them anyway with more appropriately leveled books.

This one was an old ugly brown thing that my mom and I painted..

This one I purchased just like this, before Anna came home.Notice there is a missing chunk of books from the shelf...They are all over the floor, cleverly that is not in the photo.

I love the green walls..They are much more lime than it appears..It is super happy, and blends so well with the pinks! I wish my new sofas were finished. I purchased a wicker love seat from Goodwill and had new cushions and pillows made for it. My mom had a similar wicker love seat and it's cushions and pillows are getting recovered. I chose 4 different fabrics that are lime yellow and of course pink. Actually Anna picked two of the fabrics. When I tried to get AugustRose involved she picked silver shiny sparkly fabric, so she was overruled! Now we are looking at flooring. I want carpet tiles, my dad wants wood laminate, my mom wants to take the floor back to concrete and have it painted..That way it can be hosed off when dirty! The final fun part is to give the room a name. I would love something Russian, but who would be able to say a long Russian word? Got any ideas???

On a completely separate topic, I got an email that it is time to do AugustRose's 2 year post placement..Wow, time has really been flying! We came home on December 1st two years ago..I can remember thinking that Christmas would be very Low Key that year, since I thought I would be in Russia for most of December..Who knew I would get my ten days waived!!


Tina in CT said...

Yeah, you're back.

Love what you've done to the playroom - so bright, lively and girlie. I go with your dad's idea for the flooring. You can then buy a nice area rug for the girls to spread out on.

You can never have too many books. I probably have more children's books at my house than many kids have. Now that the girls are older, I am starting to weed through them. Most I'll keep for when the girls are grown with their own children.

Anonymous said...

The house is looking great. Love the cabinets.

Hilary S.

Jen Stevens said...

Lovin' it!!

Annie said...

My absolute FAVORITE color scheme is pink and green! So, you can imagine I love this. So cheerful! Clever idea with the pretties up above to hid the uglies.

And I'm really impressed you thought of before and after photos; I never remember that.