Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Better, Just Less Crazy

So what makes a gal feel better after having a meltdown in the MRI office? Well, it's a brand new double oven made just for me.

And to go along with that double oven is a delicious big giant frij with a freezer on the bottom. It wasn't here five minutes before Anna started to put her magnets and photos on it.She didn't even get all of the plastic off.

And the new cushions for our sweet little love seats arrived on the same day. AugustRose and Anna love them. The room looks like a Lily Pulitzer ad.
It wasn't intentional, but I guess "You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can't take the Florida out of the girl."

(This is the REAL AugustRose)

And here is the playroom in its current state. We have to get ride of the horrible yellow flooring. The room is getting measured this week for whatever I end up choosing. I will make the decision soon, as in when I am told how much I need and how much each kind of flooring will cost. I am leaning towards carpet lately. It is very chilly down in this room, since it is the basement, and I would love some bright pink carpet. Yes, I said bright pink. Listen folks, this room is for my girls. I want them to LOVE it...It will keep them home with me, instead of wanting to go over to other kids' houses. We will see.
*And about the whole back problem, crazy girl, need some meds thing, I GOT AN MRI TODAY. It was open, but not nearly as open as I would have liked it. It was very last minute, and I had no meds to calm me down, so I just made up songs to the rhythm of the MRI sounds.. We will see what the doc says when she gets my results. Man, I pray that my herniated disks is blown out so I can treat that more effectively. In some ways I think it is better for it to be worse!

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Tina in CT said...

I was wondering how you were doing and so was happy to see your post that you'd had the MRI.

Love, love the room as I love everything Lily P. The girls must just love being down there playing, reading, lounging. How about Prego for the floor and a bright pink floral area rug or a bright pink solid area rug? That way when the girls outgrow the pink and lime, you can just paint the walls and cabinets and make new cushion covers and the floor will be fine.