Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wellness Is Just Within Our Reach

This is what my gal looks like when she's sick...Her dark brown eyes, just have their sparkle..

Because my sweet sugar baby has only been in the house and laying , I felt sorry so I took out one of her Christmas presents, (her Princess Jammies) and gave her a little "sick girl" treat. AugsutRose started to fake cough and hold her head, so of course she got hers too!

Anna has been on Tamiflu for 3 days now, and I am able to keep her fever right at 100. We are taking Tylenol and Motrin in regular intervals. She still has a slight headache, and complains only of being tired. She lays around a lot. It's funny that when my gals are sick, my momma skills kick into a different level. I feel way more weepy, and way more mushy! I took a bath with my girl, and washed her hair, and gave her a little back massage. She eats that up. I have this little foot sponge that has soap in it. It has a hard and soft side, and smells so good. So today in our tubbie, I washed my girlie's beautiful little feet.

My childhood BFF, Lee and I talked about how when we were little and sick, our moms put us into bed, give us Tylenol and that was it. Sickness was a time to heal. That's was it, no back rubs, no laying together, no extra lovin'. But for both Lee and I, we feel like sickness is a wonderful time to bond with our kids, and show them how to be compassionate. We also want our kids to feel the comfort from us when they are sick. My mom is now very sick. She was tested and does not have the Swine Flu. She does however have pneumonia. So she will need a few days on her own to heal. I think all of her extra help she gives to me, is catching up with her. My back is still fried, and I haven't heard from my doctor yet. I have been studying my own MRI, and it appears that I have a whole lot of light and dark spots, and that's about all I can understand. I guess that's why doctors get paid the big bucks. I have had a lot of tingly, numb, and jittery feelings in my face and my chest. Not my heart, but my upper body. I am obviously on edge about my baby being sick, but I swear this is not just an anxiety thing. I just wish I could pinpoint what this is.

The good news is my condo is officially on the market. Now, pray it sells quickly! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for me, my baby, and now my condo selling!


Tina in CT said...

Tell you mom to really stay in bed and do nothing. I had pneumonia when my daughter was in 3rd grade and it also was in Oct. I did not feel myself for about 3 months. I was so, so sick for a week.

Glad that your daughter's fever is down and that she is responding to the medication. Have you and the girls had the vaccine for swine? If so, she still got it?

My older granddaughter has the flu (not swine) and she had the flu shot earlier in the fall. Sure hope it clears quickly as she and her father and sister are flying to the US on Fri. to his parents for a week. The purposely made the flight for Fri. so the girls would be there for Halloween trick or treating.

My daughter always is sick too so hope the flu bug doesn't make the rounds of their house. She flies to Scotland on Sat. with a small group from their school college hunting.

Hopefully the beginning of this week you will get some news from your doctor about your back.

I'm in a cleaning frenzy today but would rather be outside cleaning up perennial beds. The washing machine is clugging along as I type. (I need a blogging break.)

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I was a strict mom but did a lot for my daughter. I hope I was a good one (and try to continue on in that vein). I have one daughter and no other kids.

Tina in CT said...

How is Anna feeling tonight?