Sunday, November 29, 2009

and now, I am Truly Thankful

So maybe you want to see some snaps of my family on Thanksgiving? Well, there won't be any..I woke up and saw this lovely gal from across the room. So instead of sharing the traditional pictures I had to introduce you to my new friend. She is Kate. She is a Knightsbridge Quinn. And she is fabulous. Yes, we were at the mall with my lovely babies in the double stroller at 4 am in order to get online to get into Mrs. Spade's store in order for me to get my new purse at a discount, so worth it.
And the pink wallet. SPLENDID.
And this cute little pencil case, perfect for Anna's teacher from last year.
One more little hobo bag completed our stop at Mrs. Spade's store.

Don't Judge.
The day was actually wonderful. The girls had a great time, and couldn't get over that we were shopping in the dark. We shopped until mid morning, and then had a great breakfast at IHOP...
I am sure Mrs. Spade wouldn't approve.


Annie said...

Actually, you make it sound fun. I am nearly convinced to give it a shot next year..

Jen Stevens said...

Oooo la la, that's some yummy goodness. Totally worth the 4 a.m. trek through the madness. Who am I kidding I was shopping too.

Melissa said...

I did it. I cyper shopped. Woo hoo!

kate said...

Now THOSE are some things for which to give THANKS!

I need that bag that says "Kate". Off to find one and drool.