Monday, November 02, 2009

A Halloween Recap

In our family we celebrate Halloween and Easter with our God Family, headed up of course, by the matriarch of the family, Martha Stewart, also known as Missi.. This year the festivities were top notch. There were about 7 families there, too many little ones to count, and lots of great food. There were enough adults to keep up with the growing number of kiddies we take along for the "trick or treating." I usually hang back and poke fun at everyone with Debra, but AugustRose's cupcake was cumbersome so we were slow. It was all good. She did a lot of singing. She is picking up one of her big sister's best qualities. She is started to show her gratitude while in the moment. So, while we are walking in the dark, with tons of glow necklaces, she is saying,"Mommy, I love trick-or-treating. Thank you for taking me." " I love my cupcake costume. Thank you for making it." It is nice that she understands that we should be grateful in the moments of goodness. My big girl has always been a good one to share her appreciation for anything I do that brings her joy.

I have been very busy with school conferences, DRA testing, cleaning and organizing my class room for the 2nd quarter, and planning for our activities.
We were lucky enough to get a fourth kindergarten teacher, so I have been preparing the 7 children who will go to the new class. I have gathered their materials and sent them to their new room for tomorrow. I have some parents who blew off their conference, and have made no mention about their child going to the new room. Oh well, I can only teach them. I cannot be their mother.

I had Anna's teacher conference tonight. She is reading on a level 12. This is very good. The end of the year benchmark is 16 (18) so she should be in good shape to hit the mark. The books get increasingly more difficult as the year goes on, so she will not just breeze through. It will be tough, but she will do it. She is starting to read more at home jut for fun, so I am confident she is prepared to make it. AugustRose is also doing well, and I have a phone conference with her teacher tomorrow. I worry about her a little since she tends to react wildly, when she doesn't get her way, or the toy she wants.

Life is good.


Tina in CT said...

The kids all look so cute. You did a fantasic job on the cupcake. What a cute idea. We love Pippi Longstockings in our house so I think your friend's daughter as Pippi is great. My daughter just loved Pippi books as a child and transferred her love to her girls.

Your post shows what a fun Halloween you had.

Annie said...

You sound so much more peaceful than last year.

Jen Stevens said...

A-dorable!! That cupcake costume is so crafty. I am so NOT crafty, I'm jealous.

Kudos to the big girl and her reading! And AugustRose for showing such a grateful spirit.

Christine said...

Wow-- the girls are doing great! Lovely costumes!