Friday, November 06, 2009


So I am still in HIGH demolition mode at the new townhouse. Dad has been here since September 18th and we are definitely gettin on each other's nerves, but it would be much worse if I hadn't just........

Ratified a Contract On My Old Condo!!
And to celebrate, I brought this puppy home. A perfect match to the table lamps I am still looking for.

I am losing a ton of money on the condo, but that money was money I made on my first townhouse. So really, it is not money I owe, it is money that I "coulda" made if the market wasn't so terrible. I bought the old condo while I still owned my first townhouse, so my dad had to put a boatload of money down. My sad little teacher salary wasn't enough to allow me to qualify for a second loan without a big down payment. So, dad is losing that down payment. We knew the chances of us getting our money out of the house were slim to none. I was afraid I would actually have to come to settlement with money, but thankfully, I am walking away with enough to pay off some things I am behind on, and even put a little away for my new furniture. I need to start saving, so a little will go to that too!
I am just so shocked that in less than 3 weeks I have a contract! God is good to me.


Tina in CT said...

I'm so glad that you have a contract on your condo but it's a shame that you are losing $ on it. On the other side, you probably got your current condo at a reduced rate because of the same housing slump.

Love the chandilier.

Annie said...

Congratulations! That's super!!

kate said...

Oooorah!! Congratulations.