Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It wasn't a good medical report. But stop by Stacey's Blog and lend some support.
She (click link)
has a referral...
When a friend has been waiting, and longing for a child, it brightens the world to know she is just a bit closer to having that little child in her arms..The best part is she is going to KHABAROVSK! Congrats Stacey!


Melissa said...

This is such great news. I just read her post. Makes me want to cry AND GO BACK!

Jen Stevens said...

I was just reading her post. So cool!!! Ahhh, Khabarovsk... next summer girlz.

Tina in CT said...

Did the condo sell?

What's new with the girls? Miss your family updates.

kate said...

Are you guys okay? Hoping you're busy and not ill. Should I make you some soup?