Saturday, November 28, 2009

This weekend, among the happiness and thankfulness of some, my oldest and dearest friend from my childhood said goodbye to her beloved cat
This deserves it's own post, since this is a cat that has been a part of my life since it was a kitty. I sat for this cat when it was just a little guy and he and my dog played together like old friends. This cat was like an old dog. He laid on you, constantly came to you for some scratching and lovin, and helped my daughter develop a love for cats..We have talked about this cat since we met it, and now at close to 20 years old, he passed away.
The end of an era.


Annie said...

That is sad....I STILL think about beloved pets from the past. I'm so sorry for your friend; that will make such a hole in her life. I have pondered why sometimes it seems almost harder to lose a pet than a person in some strange never-say-it-out-loud way.

I think it is simply because human relationships are so complex. But, with a beloved animal there are no complications. They love us unconditionally as we love them. It is something very clean, beautiful and purely good that we lose.

Tina in CT said...

What a beautiful cat Coco was. I am sorry to hear of his death. Losing a dear pet is horrible and I know the pain.

Thanks for your advice on the books. I think Tami brought one back with all the books she bought for the school last summer. Think I'll go today to buy a few more.

I have rounded out my collection of Give A.... books for my house as I just love them. They are on the bookshelf in the girls' room for when my granddaugthers are moms.

I'm sue your girls will love receiving them along with the stuffed animals for Christmas.

I sent a 49 pound box to CO when my SIL and the girls were visiting his parents over Halloween. He took it back with them. I still will have a suitcase of things to bring over with me carefully packed among the clothes. My daughter always brings back gifts for the girls' Sept. and Dec. birthdays and Christmas when they are here in the summer. Even if they plan to be in the US for Christmas, she is prepared if plans change and they have to be in Moscow.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

Tina in CT said...

I have meant to comment that your holiday blog header and background is really festive and pretty.