Friday, November 20, 2009

We were supposed to close on the condo today, but the buyers lender couldn't get the paperwork together, so we put it off until Monday.
We are so blessed to have a quick closing anyway, so I can wait a couple more days.

After settlement, I will be "adoption debt" free. I know that in reality, not many people could/would spend around 40K on an adoption and considering I am single and a teacher, I feel a very lucky to have been able to complete two adoptions. Once everything goes through I should be in a better financial position, and should be able to start saving.
I haven't been "into" blogging lately. I am feeling a bit tired too often, and have miraculously lost ten pounds. I have had lots of tests so there isn't a concern about a problem. I think I am just holding a lot of stress about my job..And my computer broke, so I am blogging using my school computer and I don't really like to use it for my personal stuff. So there has been a little unintended break.
School is much better this year, we had to open a new kindergarten since we had so many
little ones in our classes. The stress comes with the addition of new processes, new testing programs, and another year of being told, "You won't be getting a raise next year."
I have given up going to Russia to teach. At least for the next 4 years. I can actually retire after that, and then I will make a decision about what I am going to do. I will only be 45 years old, with 2o years into my county so I obviously need to start something new!!
I love my new townhouse. It is really big and the three levels, probably has something to do with my weight loss. It is so open and the light. There are these great windows and the creek behind our house can be seen from all of the windows in the back...

So not much excitement..


Tina in CT said...

Welcome back.

How is your back problem? I hope it is better and not troubling you any longer.

Losing 10 pounds. Wish I had that happen to me.

Congrats on the upcoming closing on your condo on Monday and being adoption debt free. That is something to be proud of after such a short time. Now you can start saving for college.

I will be in Russia over a day a month from tonight. I can't wait to see my kids! I have soooo much to get done before then that it stresses me out.

How is your townhouse coming?

Have a good weekend.

kate said...

A LOT of teachers come to the international teaching world after they retire in the US. You'd be in good company.

Hooray for being debt-free!

(And I don't like to blog at school either.)