Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Condo Sold..

I was afraid to post this until I saw the MONEY in my account..and it is.
I wrote a nice check to my Church, one I can be proud of.
I wrote a check to my mom, to catch me up with her.
I wrote a GIANT check to my credit card, ending my debt to them. And that is the best part.
That debt represented hard times, when I relied on credit rather than actual income...
And after writing a few more checks here and there to catch me up, I will have just enough to put a little in savings. I need about 4K to redo my kitchen, and by summer I should have enough to get that started.

Do you ever wonder why we are given the blessings we are given? That is the part of being a Christian that I still don't understand. I still wonder why God is good to me. I shouldn't, but I do..I think I am still struggling in so many areas of my walk in Christian faith, but I try everyday to be better. I have a million areas to work on~~
I have to spend my quiet time reminding myself that God is good to everyone, and that I shouldn't feel guilty..


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. You must be so relieved and it must have felt great to write those checks. Paying off debt always gives you a sense of power and success - guess that is the accountant in me talking.


Tina in CT said...