Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, Yet Another Blog Design

If you read this blog, then you know...I love to decorate. This blog. My house is another story.
This little bit of the world can be switched around, changed up, and the cost to me...Nada.

My family and The God Family went on a trip to the Jersey Shore to visit another adoptive family. This is a family that traveled to adopt their daughter with Missi to Krasnoyarsk. Funny, while my agency was stuck in the whole mess with accreditation, I used to stare at the Russian National Data bank, and look through every region where Cradle of Hope worked. I picked out her daughter and thought she was so adorable, and decided if I went to Krasnoyarsk, I wanted her!

She is 4 now, and just precious. Our friend's hubby has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and a pretty aggressive type. Things have been pretty low for them, and Missi and I wanted to pay a little visit to brighten things up. We ended up having a great couple of days together. Being so close, we had to take the train into NYC.

Now we all know that I love Russia. and the cold. But oh my goodness, I was so cold walking around Manhattan. It was 17 degrees and windy. AugustRose had on two pairs of gloves and still cried at one point and said her hands were frozen. Even my polar bear Anna was cold.

I have Never seen the city so crowded. and I am usually there every Thanksgiving. Of course we did a quick run through American Girl, then we went to the Disney Store, then we went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.
Anna and Sid...Lookin like a GAP ad

I think the most amazing part is that there were 5 adults and 8 children, (7 Russian, 1 home-made) 2 double strollers, and one umbrella stroller blazing through the city like commandos, daring anyone to try and break our parade of children.
For the first time, I got really cold. And I didn't like it. I didn't have the best winter clothes on, so maybe it was that. I came dangerously close to putting my dream to rest. (The one where I move to Russia for a couple of years)
The train ride into the city sucked. No seats, lots and lots of stops, and even a traffic jam of sorts..So when we got onto the train ride home, we were punch drunk from the day and had lots of room for silliness..

Anna and Sid eating some Disney Treats

BrooksieDoodle lovin' on her momma Ethan, Tati, and Jack

Fifi and Mr. Dave...It was his birthday!

We ended the night at Olive Garden celebrating Dave's birthday. It was great to be with so many people who love their kids and don't do the "party" thing. Lot's of laughs and lots of kids. I am living my dream.

We slept so well when we got the hotel! We took a quick tour of the Old Towne near our friends home and hit a sweet little consignment store and I was able to find AugustRose a couple of dresses and a few more hair bows..but as fabulous as she starts each day, she ends up like this on the way home!


Tina in CT said...

Pretty new design but then all your blog designs are like that.

So, so sad about your friend.

I've heard how bitter cold it's been this week in CT. One friend had -13 Tuesday night. It's been cold here but not like that.

How could you do a quick run through at American Girl Place as it's so easy to spend hours there? I will miss our annual day there as we always go the first week of Jan. when my daughter and the girls are visiting me. Since I'm here, they aren't flying to the US.

It sounds like you all had a very good day together.

Love the last picture of your daughter sleeping. I pull the same pose too.

Off to the Moscow Circus this afternoon.

Annie said...

Good thing I like you so much. I once wrote a post about how disturbing and distressing I find changes to blog design. Eeeeeee....anxiety, anxiety alert!

Sounds like you had a wonderful mini-vacation (apart from the cold). As regards that - do recall how really WARM Russian apartments and buildings are kept. Furthermore, they know how to do outerwear!

I was fortunate enough to come by a Russian coat and it is heavy, but - oh, so warm!

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

My blog feels like a class bulletin board, so I HAVE to change it! My anxiety tells me to change it up.
But glad you are sticking with me!
Tina, I have been reading and really, I can't imagine how your daughter and grans keep up with all that they do around this time of year!! sounds so tiring. But fun at the same time!
Happy New Years everyone!!

Hevel said...

I like your new design!
I love playing around with layouts, but I rarely post the new creations!

Sounds liek everyone was having a great time! Oh how I miss New York! And these sentences contain way too many exclamations marks.

Happy 2010!