Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

It's been a snowy fun day. My dad is here, so he got to enjoy the snow and the new sled that works so well.

Both girl can sit on the sled, and it's easy to pull.

It was really coming down yesterday. All day. We went out and in, and out and in..

The nesting dolls spent a little time in the snow too.

I have a photo of AugustRose from two years ago when she was about to be "sprung" from the baby home. It looks pretty similar to this.

Anna kept saying, "This is one of the best days of my life." She is forever greatful for the good times we spend together as a family.

Of course I couldn't slow them down to get a good photo of both girlz together. This is the best I got!

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Annie said...

Well, yes - that last photo could use a little something - but they are together! Looks like so much fun! Oh, dear - I could feel SO sorry for myself being at work ALL DAY YESTERDAY AND TODAY. And I do mean all day - until 1:20 and back this morning at 6. Thank heaven it all went well and I have only two more classes....then, I too, will enjoy my family.

I hope! (Sorry had to vent somewhere and you won.)