Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy 101

I am sorry I don't know how to tag or link on the blog site, so I will comment to ya Annie and hope those I list will also comment to me when they have done this challenge.
The idea is to list ten things that make you happy, and tag ten friends to do the same..I don't know how to tag so I will list my friends below...

What makes me happy?

10. Driving to work. I am alone, and have my quiet time with God. I don't suffer from any sort of road rage, so it's a stress free time for me.
9. Doing favors for my friends.
8. Getting a myself and my girlz a haircut.
7. Comfortable shoes.
6. Having AugustRose tell me she wants to "snuggle and love."
5. Reading something funny on Facebook.
4. Hearing Anna read.
3. Watching my girlz belly laugh.
2. Seeing the love my parents and sister have for my girlz.
1. Being a mom.

Missi You Must Do this.
Stacey You will laugh at how much this will change once you get your little guy home.
Jen, I can't link your blog since I have lost it so many times!!


Tina in CT said...

Great 10.

Martinfamily4 said...

Nice 10 - YES Being a Mom is awesome.... just want you to know, I read your blog several times a week - love keeping up and really want a play date sometime.... nedd your email, sent a message before but did not hear from you... I am at

Jen Stevens said...

10 AWESOME things!!

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