Saturday, January 09, 2010


I need some help. I am pretty good at decorating this blog, but There are some technical things I don't do. Kate, you often respond to my comments by email, as if they come to you by email. How is that done?
And can someone tell me this. When you add pictures, do you add them first and then move them around, or do you add them as you go? It seems like every time I insert pics, it is always a pain to rearrange them. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
And tagging. How is that done?

On a side note. We had a bit of snow on Thursday night. So Friday morning we had a two hour delay. It was pajama day and RIF day at my school. In my class we made hot cocoa and smores. If you ever want to feel better about your job, ask everyone to wear their Pj's. and make treats. I just wanted to squeeze and hug on my little guys who were all snuggly in their "Jammies."
Maybe you would want to squeeze and love on your coworkers if they were as cute as my students!! I wish I could post pics of them..I think you may love them too.
I am going back to my plan of NOT trying any Russian Employment again. I got great feedback from everyone, and I know it's not in the grand plan right now. Maybe it won't ever be. What I am doing, is starting to plan for the summer. Disney for sure. The keys maybe. But fun for sure!!!


Anonymous said...

HaHa. I am laughing at the visual of my co-workers in PJ's. Wouldn't that be a riot. Once we had a company retreat at a hotel and had spa treatments so we all saw each other walking around in robes. That was weird enough.


kate said...

I can help with the blogger things!

E-mailing you.

Christine said...

Your comment on my blog today was just what I needed. Thnak you. Maybe someday we could mee IRL. That would awesome. Like at some weekend adoptive fellow blogging getaway. :_

Anyway, the picture thing is tricky. In the upload photo bpx that pops up when you add a photo there is a thing to click that says left, right or no formatting. I always keep it on none. You also have to load them in a special order so that you no longer have to rearrange when they are on the page. THe first one you load is going to be on the bottom and the secodn will be the one before it and so on. Kinda backwards. Hope this helps.

Tina in CT said...

Comments to my blog come to my emails also. I don't know how as my daughter and Rachael (alwayswanted4)set up my blog last summer.

I don't post pictures as I don't have a clue on how to do it.

Florida Keys and Disney and the gorgeous beaches where your dad lives - sounds like a wonderful summer to me!

Hevel said...

Probably comments come to you in emails because she reeds your blog in a feed reader that handles commenting that way?

Do you have it set up to get email notification of all the comments you receive?

I think the blogger commenting system is a mess, so I installed Disqus on my blogs (I used them with Wordpress, too).

I upload pictures mostly as I go, I don't like the way blogger/Picasa manages pictures, either. Other than that, what Christine said.