Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's snowing, we are tired from playing in it..So there is a new blog design. Sorry for all of you folks who dislike change..I planned on doing a Valentine Layout, but since I Loathe the holiday, I will not be participating.
And since report cards are due next week, I can only manage to decorate the blog and not add much content.
But here is a nugget for ya. My mom and I had a long talk about me possibly, possibly, maybe, teaching in Russia one day. It was the the snow and all. It was 19 degrees here so the day sort of lead there.
Anyway, it was good. She hates the idea. She asked if I would rather move to NYC instead. Funny, when I wanted to move to NYC, Pre-children, she begged me not to even consider it. Okay, my body aches from sledding, and I need sleep.


Annie said...

Purses....I don't like to change purses, either. It is disruptive. So, I'm wondering....perhaps someone could do a study. Do people who change their blog design also change purses (and vice-versa?)

Tina in CT said...

My two cents:

Don't move to the city - pollution and no yard for the girls to play in.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

I love change. Love it.
BUTTTT, I only change purses in the spring and fall.
Tina, I am still dreaming, but in many years. I have been reading Kate and she seems ready to leave..I would probably IF ever, go for a two year stint..IF If iF

Annie said...

I like some things. (I like new clothes a LOT!) I DO like to change bulletin boards!

I just never thought of a blog as like a bulletin board, more like my actual HOUSE.