Saturday, January 02, 2010


Just when I make a promise NOT to consider trying for a Russian job, I check the AAS Moscow site and see that they have 25 openings...Are you kidding me?
Even though I have 2 kids and only one teaching adult, I still dream that I could do it.
I am shocked at the number of openings. Wonder if they may have some trouble or if this is the end of many teacher's 2 year contracts.
St. Petersburg has an opening for teaching couple. And we all know I HAve NO HUBBIE!
Not even going to let my mind go there. Remember a day ago? Big new house. Lot's of family, friends, and love around here in the burbs. Easy life, with a lot of day trips here and there...Tina, you can weigh in here. How hard would it be for your daughter if she was on her own?

I am in my 19 year at my job. I have 6 years left. At that point I can retire with full benefits. Full. I will only 47. My Anna would be going into the 7th grade and AugustRose would be in the 4th grade. And maybe I will have a husband by then. (Side note, I am not anxious about ever having a man in my life) (A husband would be the icing on the cake)(I do life well alone with my girlz) (Men confuse me, and I loathe that type of confusion)

The biggest part of this situation is how hard the economy is for everyone, and I would never leave my job permanently. I would gladly take a Leave Without Pay for a couple of years, but in order to do that safely, the paperwork is due to my county at the end of February. And since most of the job fairs are in that month, it ain't happening. There is also the matter of my new house. Would I really want to leave it? See, this is why I said I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't even let my mind wander in these directions.
I have already been told that 2 kids with only one teaching parent is out of the parameters for employment, but I am and have always been the girl who sees a wall, thinks of a way to get over, around, or through it..and then do it.
Funny, how God puts these things into our lives to help grow us in our faith. I honestly don't even know how I would pray through it...Well, actually I think I should just pray.

My house is a hot mess, and my girlz have just left with my sister to go Cosmic Bowling and then onto the book store to spend there gift cards. That gives me a few hours to clean up and try once again to get the girlz rooms in order. T R Y.
See, that couldn't happen if I was overseas.


Tina in CT said...


Do not jepordize your job with only 6 years left!!!!! I spent almost a week in school with the girls or my daughter my first week there. They are in a top private Russian school. The teachers there have VERY, VERY long days. Would you want to work until 7:00 PM or later? The pay is nowhere at all like a teacher here has.

The cost of living is horribly out of sight there. You would not want to live where you could afford to on the salary.

Just going about your daily life (like grocery shopping) is such an undertaking. You would not have the support of your family. With working FT, you'd need domestic help too as the daily living is so much harder than here.

Save up and take a long vacation when the girls are older but stay put in the Good Old USA!

kate said...

I think teaching out your contract with six years left is smart. So many people teach internationally after they retire. And you were just so happy about where you were and all you had!

E-mail me if you want.

(Tina, at AAS her housing is provided and her salary is comparable with a US salary and tax-free.)

I went and looked and there are only 7 elementary positions in Moscow.

Tina in CT said...

Just read Kate's comment. Now that is a good arrangement. I was talking about what teachers are paid at Russian schools and not an international school. Housing provided, no taxes and comparable US salary - now that is good. Kate's advice sounds good. Finish out your 6 years and then look into it for a year or two before your older daughter enters high school.

Annie said...

I tagged you on my blog.... I'll come read this later. Hm......

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

You guys are so right. Tina, I knew you would add the POV of a teaching mom of two. Everytime I have ever been to Russia, I had it very easy. Driver translator etc. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I have it really good here, and actually pay less to live in my new house, since my condo fees are so much less..At the school in Russia, I would make about 20K less than i do here..I don't know how I would do on that much less, even though they do pay for housing. *I don't pay that much now for housing/house bills in a year...The key is that they don't want a teacher with two kids, so in theory, they have already told me no..If they ever had a summer school program, I would be all over that!!
Maybe I will look into that NEXT YeAR!!!
Thanks for the input!!
TIna, I am glad you are home safe and sound..But I bet you are exhauseted from your trip!!!

kate said...

20 K more at your school? I'm coming! ;>

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Yes, I saw the pay scale for AAS..remember if I ever did go, I would pay for my townhouse I am in now plus pay to live in Moscow...
So, not right now.I't okay, I have discovered something fabulous here at home..A little show I call
Grey's Anatomy!! Where have I been??

Tina in CT said...

My daughter's husband works unreal hours so he is not there much to help but she does have a great nanny. Living there and working FT, a nanny/house cleaner is an essential "must". Her hours are long and doing everything is 5 times more complicated and timeconsuming than here at home in the US.

A summer program would be ideal if there were such a thing.

No real jet lag on coming home. I am lucky not to suffer from it.

Annie said...

Shoot! Four kids with two teaching parents????

But my Russian ones could surely go to regular Russian schools? Right? Beats me. Which is why I just slog along, I guess. I want you to go and get it all organized for me.