Sunday, January 31, 2010

Point of View

Annie got me thinking about blogs and why we have them. Or really, what is our reason for keeping them going. I started with a web page on Verizon. It began when I came home from my first trip to meet my Anna. I had written every detail. I wrote it with such care and poured every thought and emotion into it. It was lost when I tried to change my services to a different provider...If I could have sued Verizon for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress I would have. I was devastated. I tried for months to get it back. Then I started to try and recreate it all at once, but got overwhelmed with it. So I started a blog. I originally wanted to share it with my adoption agency as I had done with my original site, but once I got it up and running I was past being able to share about Russian adoption procedures. Things change so quickly and I knew I couldn't offer current advice. Side note, I still serve as the "house single" to talk to any single women considering adoption with them...Anyway, Annie treats hers like her home. A comfortable, stable place to share. As I was trying to figure out my point of view, I think I have decided that I think of it as my personal diary, with ever changing covers. Because I do often judge a blog by its cover..I love a good blog layout. When I see the basic designs with very little change to the format, I usually click off. I guess I am shallow that way.

I don't ever think about writing it as a tool for anyone else. Offering advice for kindergarten teaching is about all I have absolute certainty of, but after teaching for 8 hours, I can only ever come up with is an occasional funny or cute "student story." And today I have one. I got an email from a parent who shared that her son wanted to make a Friendship Sandwich. The mom wrote that as her little guy made the sandwich with both white and whole wheat bread, he explained that it was like Martin Luther King Jr. bringing different races together. He told her that putting the jam in the middle was the "sweetness" that comes from embracing people who are different than ourselves. The mom was so pleased that her little guy, who is a very young kindergartner was never able to share anything about curriculum in preschool, was now starting to share concepts almost everyday..Just precious. See? This blog is the only place I can share stuff like where it will remind me of the "happy" months from now..
But I need to do more sharing of my town. I live in the suburbs now, in a little historic area on the Occoquan River. It is just delightful. The only thing missing is a good diner type dive. All of the restaurants are too foo-foo for us. There is a big new place that we haven't checked out yet, so maybe I can do that when my dad comes back this week. He's been back in Florida since Christmas and he is just missing the girlz so much. He usually stays a week or two. The girlz can't wait to see him either. They miss rough housing with him.

It was 19 and snowing, so I took these snaps from the coziness of my truck!

This is the Town Hall and the Police Department is in the basement. Not much crime on these streets.

And at my mom's house to shovel her out! August was inside, she didn't want to come out..She didn't feel like getting all "Bungled Up."

And after leaving my mom's house, I made August get all Bungled up and we made a quick stop at the Domino's for a pizza supper! The coat irritated her, but the thought of a good Brooklyn style slice made her very happy. She is . her. momma's . girl!


Tina in CT said...

Your town is charming!

Loved the story about the sandwich. Such insight for a 5 year old.

Since I know nothing about blog set-u and considering that my daughter set it up for me, it won't be changing. Hope you'll still continue to read and comment.

Annie said...

Your town IS charming... Now, where do you teach and how do you get there? For some odd reason I was thinking "inner city"....and I do think you live near my son and his wife (they live near Fairfax)....I don't think they live in any picturesque area at all, though.

I made a family website and lost it, too.... It had Ilya's story on it. And worst of all, someone convinced me to record Anastasia's adoption on a cassette tape rather than in a journal. I was doing some work at the time with a research study - and it involved little tapes - and - yes. The adoption story got sent to the eraser with the study tapes. How could anyone BE that stupid???

Yes; I also hope you read my blog even though it doesn't change much! I think you are probably referring to the ones that even from the get-go have no visual appeal. I can [just barely] get past that unless I also find that the first post has no literary appeal either - then I go away. But my guess is that a blog like that is not really intended to reach out to a larger only for family or just for one's self.

BTW, you manage your changes so do you make your headers?