Sunday, January 10, 2010

She is becoming a Little Lady

Anna has wanted her ears pierced for a while now. She thought she wanted to do it for her 6th birthday, but sort of chickened out. I supported whatever decision she made. Since her birthday, we have gotten tons of different types of stick on earrings, and every time we get them, she is tickled with them and tells me she thinks she is ready to get her ears pierced. Saturday she ran out of ear stickers from American Girl. She told me that she was really ready this time. I decided to show her some YouTube videos of other little gals getting their ears pierced. She was really convinced that she could do it. I told her that she needed to decide, because once we invited my mom and sister to come out, she really needed to do it so as not to waste their time. She decided she would wait for a little while longer. But first thing this morning, she woke up and said she wanted to do it. The plan was set. We went to Church and I reminded her to pray for bravery. We left and met at Claire's. Unfortunately, there was only one girl working, so if she were going to have it done it would be one ear at a time. She chose to go ahead with it. She was super brave until that gun clicked, and she wrinkled her little face and yelled out. "Mommmmmmy!" I felt like crap. I wanted to crawl into a hole and undo the whole thing. She settled down quick, seeing herself in the mirror helped. Then she wanted to sit in my lap for the second ear. No problem. She yelled out for a quick second and by the time we walked around the store and then paid, she was just fine. My mom couldn't watch, and got teary eyed when the lady got close to Anna's ears,,We ended the day at our traditional "day out" restaurant, the Silver Diner.

You can't really tell, but they are multicolored daisies...

AugustRose was happy with her cardboard car from the diner.
This is the first time in a long time that I can sense that Anna is growing up and changing. I wasn't phased by potty training, or losing teeth. But this one, this one gives me such a pit in my stomach. Jewelry always makes me giddy! After AugustRose turns 5 I will let her decide when she is ready.
I taught Sunday School again today. All about Forgiveness. I need to ask for some myself. I wanted to put some of those kids in corner!! As a teacher, I have a hard time letting kids act ugly at Church. I always do feel better when I get home from my duty at the Church.
I wonder how long it will be before Anna will want to do something that I don't support? Like a crazy haircut, or shave her legs at 8, or Heaven forbid a belly ring...Oi !!!! I don't want to think about it!


Tina in CT said...

She looks very cute.

Belly ring - hopefully NEVER!

The Expatresse said...

My oldest had her ears done when she was 9. Skittles, now 9, has NO interest.

Oh, well.

Annie said...

Anastasia, oddly (we thought) chose "getting her ears pierced" as the reward for dealing with getting a bunch of inoculations. It turned out she really didn't know what having her ears pierced meant.

Now Lydia is visiting and has convinced her to get a second piercing on one ear. I am NOT into this, but I guess it is some sort of sister-bonding.

Christine said...

What a cutie! But don't her grow up too fast!

Jen Stevens said...

Oh I am not ready for that day. It does seem very big girl! I love it though and she looks adorable.

Hevel said...

She looks really cute!

My eldest is 10, but he goes to school with 12 and 13-year-olds, so he sometimes wants to do things the older kids do. Like getting HIS ears pierced. Absolutely noooo way till he dares to do it at an actual piercing place (with a needle) rather than the fast gun thingy. I can't see that coming any time soon!

Tina in CT said...

The restaurant (black and white) with the cow is Moo Moo and all throughout the city. We saw someone dressed in a dirty looking cow costume outside the one on the Arabat when I was there last month.