Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My one little word to work on is P.R.A.Y...
and I have been. I heard through Missi, that the Friend family finally completed their adoption. This is a family that most would think is an urban legend. But they are real. They met their now adopted daughter when she was 2 or so..And it has taken them over 5 years to complete this adoption. I had been praying for this family.

I prayed for the Beet. She moved away from Moscow and for some odd reason, I am sad about it.

I got my feelings hurt at work. After an unprecedented snow storm, teachers returned to work without students on Monday. There was no heat. It was so cold that I couldn't take my coat off. It was so cold that I couldn't concentrate. I decided to leave. My assistant principal had said to my coworker that if we were too cold we could work in the library. But my work is in my room. I needed to refill paint cups. I needed to change the bulletin boards. I needed to print completion certificates from my Waterford computers. (they are not networked) I couldn't drag my work to another room in the building. It wasn't logical. If I was going to drag it anywhere, I was dragging it to my car. and going home.
Then the three of us who had NO heat got an email that said,
"I came back from lunch and the heat was on. So if you left, you need to submit a leave slip."
I was irritated. As a teacher of 19 years, I know when to submit a time sheet and when to go home without doing so. I put in hour after hour at my job and no one pays me overtime, but if I walk out due to a deep freeze occurring in my room, I don't think I should... Luckily I didn't read the email until the morning. I was just mad enough to march down and speak my mind. But I prayed about it. I don't know yet if I will submit that leave slip, I will keep praying about it..
Funny, the first thing I did was pull up my resume. I sat and looked at it, and kept thinking I was going to drop an email to the director of the school where I would like to teach.But I didn't. I have to put on my big girl panties and deal with what is happening. But I need to remember the plan I have set in place. And stick to it.


Tina in CT said...

Don't screw up the 19 years you have with the system. Bite the bullet, pull up those big girl panties (as you say) and do what is needed. As someone of 62 years, I probably see things differently.

I do agree with you that what you needed to do had to be done in the classroom and not in the library. You couldn't stay there for hours with no heat.

Jen Stevens said...

That is pure craziness. Of course I am one who frequently has to bite my tongue. So yes, pray about it, then pray some more, and you will no doubt do the right thing.

Stick to your game plan, unless God shoves you through a different door.

Annie said...

Oh, my feelings would have been hurt, too!

I have a similar situation here - the "new" parish manager is a stickler for "hours" and "days off" and stuff like that.... Now, I have worked every single solitary day since August (including Christmas day and Thanksgiving and most of New Years Day) except for the three when we went to Pittsburgh. There are days when I've worked just 4 hours, but many more when I've worked 10-12 hours - particularly Saturdays and Sundays....SO, when I wanted to take a half day off to go to my daughter's program and stay for the reception, he suggested I make sure I "submit that". (I boiled....but I pointed out that while I'd be gone in the morning, I'd be working until 9 p.m.!)

My pre-industrial revolution work style is not working well here. I don't want recognition in the sense of compliments, but I'd love recognition in the sense of UNDERSTANDING....they took my assistants and I am now doing the work of TWO full time people!

In your could be that the other teachers are not as exemplary as you - and the memo was really for them.

Annie said...

BTW, I'm wondering why your daughters, still being Russian, couldn't go to Russian schools in Russia. If they start young enough the language will come back full force. From what I see of Ilya's education, it is first-rate.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

I have feelers out about that very thing..I would love to teach in the school where they are, so for me, I would love to be the "english" elementary teacher in a Russian school. I am not sure this is even possible since we require much more pay than I am sure Russian teachers earn..But I am looking into it..

kate said...

Submit a leave slip? I don't even know what that is.

Praying for you even as I type!

Just a word about Russian schools--they're very shame-based. (Are you such a baby that you don't know this? What are you--lazy or stupid?) And, while there is "discipline" when the teacher is in the room, when she's not it's very, very tough. These are observations from two different US families who had their children in Russian schools and brought them to us--and attested to (because I was shocked) by many Russian friends.

(I almost didn't post this, because I don't want to constantly be raining on your parade, but I'd want to know if it were Lexi. I would never put her in a Russian school--knowing how she'd be viewed as a foreigner and as an "orphan".)

Annie said...

Hm...I figured if it were me I might have to put Ilya there....he's frustrated that American schools are not the same. HE can't believe the disrespect when the teacher is IN the room! As for the others, though...hard to know which would benefit or be ruined by atmosphere. :(

Well, probably won't be an issue.

Tina in CT said...

Talk with my daughter about Russian schools.

Another think to think of is that your girls don't speak the language fluently and that could create a problem.

Think about the drastic drop in pay too.

Tina in CT said...

Kate brought up a good point about adoption. It is not accepted in Russian in the same manner as here in the US and you wouldn't want your girls to be different. Kids can be cruel as you know as a teacher.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

Oohh. I don't like the thought of my girlz being treated poorly by anyone. So the whole Russian school may be Out Of The Question...And I am not sure I would let it be known that my girlz are adopted. I don't know yet..Kate, I love your advice, no worries. I need to know what you have already learned! I am going to work on a plan post!

kate said...

Good! I never want to be a dream-stomper.

I just know how much you cherish your little sunshines. ;>