Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tonight was my small group. I go every other Thursday night. It is sort of like Sunday school for grownups, except a lot more. I started to going to my group when I was married. Many of these ladies were with me during my fertility treatments, my horrible divorce, and then when my life began to take an upswing as I began my first adoption. These women are the people who make my life better. They make me better. They remind me to focus on Christ in my everyday life.
I wish we met every week. It fills my love bucket. Because let's face it, I am a Sunday Service away from robbing a bank and spending all the money of purses, botox and restalyne..So I need to spend as much free time at Church or with women of Christ.
I was in charge of prayer tonight and I decided we would partner pray. We were matched with one lady and we got to spend a few minutes sharing and praying with each other. I would love it if you would pray for my partner. She is my age, 41, single and gainfully employed. She has no real drama in her life, but for some reason, she is just feeling Blue..She doesn't know why, or the underlying reason, but she is in tears a lot. She cried tonight when talking about the death of her mother a few years ago. And of course, I welled up too. If bothers her because she is usually in control of her life and even though things seem fine enough, she doesn't like feeling on the edge of a tearful breakdown... I am praying for you "pArTnEr."

We are expecting a big snow storm this weekend. On my way home from school my BFF Martha, called to say my district had already cancelled for tomorrow...RARE! But as the 11th largest district in the US, it is easier to cancel before we ever start, than to cancel school early. Talk about a nightmare. We have done it a couple of times since I have been there, and there are always about 40 or so kids whose parents simply don't come to get them. As I am saying so much lately, "what can we do?" This means the teachers call the parents, the secretaries call the parents, we wait and watch the snow build up on the road, and eventually when traffic has all but come to a stand still, the parents call to say we are stuck in traffic or I just heard the message and cannot get there before 4...Nice. So I am very thankful that the suits who run my district decided to call it early rather than in the middle of the day!

My dad is here again and I think its funny that both of our big storms this year came the day after he arrived. Florida man shows up and brings the snow! So tomorrow there will be a lot of photos of my snowbabies and their Dadushka!!


Tina in CT said...

I just saw the weather report on CBS and NJ is due to get up to 2 feet so imagine you are due for a lot as the storm is coming up from the South. CT is escaping it. Glad that your school closed ahead of time so you don't have to go out but to play in the snow.

Enjoy your long weekend with your father there.

Ursula said...

I live in Minnesota, here the state will send out emails to parents to inform them of school closings. The sad news for the kids here is that we don't have alot of closings because in Minnesota we are used to snow and subzero weather. I also have a similar group that I attend and thank goodness for that group, left to my own devices I would runaway, live in Mexico with my botox, and never return to Minnesota (little Siberia). Have a great weekend!!!