Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We Are Made For This Weather

Our little family is dealing beautifully with our winter blast. We are sprinters, not long distance runners. We are great at short bursts of anything. We handle things.

To clarify, we aren't working, or required to do anything outside of the house. My dad went to Sam'sClub on his way here, so our pantry is stuffed with goodness. The girlz school's are cancelled for the remainder of the week. So this isn't a real Russian experience, but it gives us (me) a chance to see what it is like to bungle ourselves every time we walk out the door. We get to deal with a snowy car, and other cars who don't exactly know how to drive on a snowy road. The girlz love it. We wake up late, 8-ish, and then play around in the house. Anna gets herself bungled up and goes outside with my dad to shovel. (something I never do, I usually let it melt away)Then we play on the snow mountains created by the plow that comes through every so often. Then we go somewhere. Maybe to my moms to take her provisions. Maybe to Walmart, since we know its open. Then we come back and have a snack or lunch. Then we get in our jammies and take a big nappie! Mommy has needed this extra rest time for so long! Since painting AugustRose's room and the adding the Fairy decorations, she has chosen to take her day naps in her own room. It is daylight, but she shines her little flashlight on the fairies and tells little stories about each of them, then she drifts off to slumber in Fairy land..

Anna has been punky this whole break. She has the warmest room in the house, and it causes her to get very dry and when she blows her nose, she gets a little bit of a nose bleed..Causing her to wipe it, causing her to get chapped all around her nose and lip. and the cycle repeats itself.
Today at Walmart a father suggested this product called Ayre. Oh the miracle. We have put it on several times today and it really works well to soften up that inflamed area..I love it when I find a product that really works. It was less than 4 dollars for a small tube.
After naps, we play, and eat again and start it all over again the next day.
My dad says it everyday, "I don't know how you do it." referring to the cold and snow. He still thinks of me as a Florida girl. But I have lived here in DC for 19 years, so this is home for me.

We have missed 9 days of school so far. More than we have missed in many years. I think it's God's way of offering me a little bit of Russia. He's good to me that way.


Tina in CT said...

How about a humidifier for her bedroom?

Annie said...

I just hate to think about what God will be offering you in June, when you want to be DONE!

But, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

Jen Stevens said...

Sounds like the perfect winter break.
I have to admit I never loved the snow until Avery came along, now I live for it. Big white fluffy snow or sunshine and the beach. I am not much for the in-betweens, although they are nice too.