Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Just as KATBAT promised, I got our treat, and it is truly very Russiany! The girlz and I just love it!!! Thank you sooo much!
The girlz were so excited to think that this came all the way from Moscow.

Anna said Moscow was the best place in Russia since it had all the good playgrounds and chocolates.

(Mind you, they were wooden, splintery, almost dangerous, and she could FLY down the slides since there was snow on them) (Plus the fancy smancy grocery store had little carts for her, and a candy aisle with all "DIFFunt" chocolates!)
On a side note, through my charity, SOAR, I am trying to raise some money for a single adoptive mom to take with her to Khabarovsk. If anyone is interested in sending a donation please do.
It would be easy to buy items here, but the luggage overage fees are too high. She will be able to purchase some things for the outlying baby home that is BEYOND Komsomolsk, in the Khabarovsky Krai.
All checks are tax deductible and should be sent to:
1412 Milbank Road
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191
*If you have something specific you would like her to try and purchase, you can let me know!
Any amount will be appreciated!


Annie said...

Lucky you!

Susan said...

I'm Kats mom:)
We visited Moscow in Sept 09. We thought it was beautiful!!
So happy you like the gift, and your sweet little girls like it too.
Seems like brought back lots of memories for them..

kate said...

That poster is FAB!