Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catching Up!

This weekend my sister took the girlz to her school for "Garden Day" for some outdoor fun. And to give momma a day to START cleaning the mess around the house. Auntie went to NYC last weekend and of course she got us a few more I heart NY shirts. We always have a few of those in the house. The girlz were so silly when they came home. It was a combination of some good ole fashioned "spring, outdoor fun" and time with Auntie. You can see from the pics just how much AugustRose has changed. Not just in the way she looks, but the way she loves.
Like every orphaned child AR had developed a protective shell around her. AugustRose dealt with her time in the orphanage by shutting out adults, and by fighting every child that crossed her path. This was so shocking to Anna, who has such a gentle soul. It was equally shocking to me. I think at the time, I was too protective of Anna, fearing that this "terrorista" would forever damage her gentle soul. It made for a very, tough, awful, first 6 months home. Really. I wanted to give up. But thankfully, my dear BFF Martha, kept encouraging me to give it 6 months. And she was right. Around that time we stopped the meltdowns, All of us, and started to live more normally. But now. We aren't just living normally. Now its way better. Every since the summer, AugustRose has become the child she is supposed to be. The one God intended her to be. She started to show her really Funny Wild Silly Smart Self! And now I can see the parts of her that were a mystery to me for so long. Since the summer she and I sleep together every night. (BTW, I think this is the Essential Building Block to bonding with a baby/toddler) Now, every morning, she wakes me with an epic snuggling session. Kisses, and hugs. She says, "Tighter Momma" And part of me cries inside knowing that we are just now getting to this. It has been over two years since she came home to us. But I have to take it as it is, and take all the loving, and make up for time lost. I can do that!
All of this seems normal to bio families. But with adoptive families we have to take it as it goes. And work to unveil the true child that has been living in their shell at the orphanages.
I have been so happy lately. I never believed in Seasonal Affective Disorder before this year. But man the sun has been shining and my girlz have been in the yard playing when I drive up after school and I just want to cry out in joy!! This is what I asked God for. A family of my very own. Everyday stuff.
And I had a great "back and forth" with the principal in St. Pete. He offered me the chance to interview for a 5th grade position. With absolute appreciation I had to turn down the chance. I am a primary teacher. I wouldn't have done a good job, and I want to work and make a boss' life easier and not add to his burden. BUT, he told me of primary openings next year, and asked that I plan to either come to the job fairs, or plan to meet with him next year to discuss the vacancy.
I am going to be in prayer about this. I have asked my small group to pray for me and the direction I should take...
There are pros and cons to each side. But for me, I am still forever grateful to the country that gave me my girlz. I want the girlz to be there to see Russia, with loving arms around them. I want them to feel Russian. It sounds ridiculous. But I also want to give them Back a bit of their past. I also want to be where they are. My mom was a teacher at my school. Then later, the principal of my school. It was nice. All school events we did together as a family. School was the center of our family.
But, I am going ahead with a plan in my head and for now, we are going to just be.
Today I am teaching Sundee school again, and later tonight, my mom is being baptized. She was already "dipped" as a teen, but in my Church, they like to baptize ya again as a public event to show that you are fully following Christ. My sister will be there, and lots of my small group will go to support her!!
My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday April 27th. For all my locals, I want some flowers, cards, letters, chocolates! (hee hee just teasing) BUT I am planning to go out the night before. Silver Diner in Woodbridge. Be there to celebrate!! Missi, you bring the cake!!

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Tina in CT said...

How wonderful for you that your AR has opened up and is no so loving.

Good luck with the surgery next month.