Monday, March 15, 2010

The Plan

I am writing this so that I can say, "no, I have a plan." or "yes, I have to since it's part of the plan."

Employment Plan:
Next year will be 2o years teaching in Virginia. So that leaves 10 years until I can retire.
I would be 51. But, because I just need a break from the easiness that is my life, I want to work all of next year to get ready for the job fairs that international schools attend. Those happen in February.
Obviously my first choice is Russia. And if given the choice, I would prefer St. Petersburg over Moscow. Novosibirsk has a tiny little school, but it's not likely they will need someone next year.
If I were to get a job in Russia, then I am set. Gosh, if I got a job in Russia, I would be jumping for joy. Look, I know it is hard there. I get it. BUT, the thing about me is that I thrive on the tough road. The straight, well paved road, on the way to Glory is where I struggle.
If I get there and hate it, I come home after three years. and get my job back, since they have to hold it for two years.
BUT, I would be willing to sign a 5 year contract if they would hire a single with two dependants.

BUT, if I still can't convince AAS that I am a steady kind of girl, then I would push for another city. I am doing some research to see what the least preferred city is and go there! I could almost consider going to Africa, (I HATE THE CONSTANT HEAT) for a year or two if it got me into Russia, later.

I have this giant house to think of. Currently I am thinking that I would rent it out for the time I am gone. It is big enough for a family and with all the military around, I don't think it would be too difficult to do.

And then there are my parents. Well, my thought now is that they could each come over for 3 months at a time. I am trying to get my mom to actually go back to teaching. She retired when Anna came home from Russia, but she was a teacher, then principal so she knows what she is doing!! Then we would be a type of couple...Right? Ok, maybe not a traditional couple, but two people at least.

Then there are my Church and IRL friends. I would hate to leave them. I would. It would hurt very bad. But sometimes there is a little voice in our heads that tells us we have to live for our families and not through or for others. I love the idea of working and being with my children.
Right now I lose 2 hours a day on commuting. I wouldn't mind the commute if my girlz were in the car with me. I am not making grown up progress with new relationships. I don't know how going to a foreign country would help with that, but I am feeling a little stuck in the mud lately. (Sorry, I know I am not explaining that well)

Then there is my health. After I recover from my surgery, I plan to join a women's gym. I want to get myself into shape. I need to lose about 50 pounds. And if I never end of leaving Virginia, then at least I will feel better~~

I sent my resume to a principal today. Not to ask for a job, just to remind him that I am still out there, dreaming of coming to work for his school. I don't expect to hear from him, I just felt like reaching out.


kate said...

Next year's my last year here (at least, that's MY plan...but my plan's are always His), so I know there will be a second grade position open...and I think the first grade will open, too. ;>

Our school is small. But, with the new building, it should be very nice. The Moscow school is huge! If that "new grown-up relationship" is high on the agenda, then think Moscow.

Prague, Zagreb, Warsaw, Kiev...

Wishing you all the best! Doesn't it feel great to just have a plan?

Kat said...

Wow! I had no idea you had such a love for Russia. That would be an exciting adventure for certain. I know you are praying about this and I will remember to pray about this too. He will lead you and let you know when the time is right.

Annie said...

Love for Russia is ONE place where Julianne and I meet, the other is wild and crazy love for our kids.

Sounds like a good plan. How I wish I'd had more of a head-on-straight years ago when I started working for the Catholic school system.... No security at all, whatsoever, no leaves of absence, nothing. Just a hang-on for all you're worth so you don't end up on the street sort of existence.

There's a tiny bit of retirement, but not enough to live on.

So, feel fortunate you have some options!!!