Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today I worked at my school until 8.oo pm.
We had a Partners In Print Night.

Anna had an event at her school that began at 5:30. Families were invited. AugustRose and my mom and Anni went, and had a lovely time.

This is why I need to work where my girlz attend school. I don't like to split my loyalties.

*Side note:
AugustRose has a new line. "Mommy, are you happy?"
Me: "I sure am."
AR: "Momma, what makes you happy?"
Me: "Your beautiful face, butterflies, watching you play." (etc.)
AR: "OK, now you ask me so I can share my happinesses."

Good times.


Tina in CT said...

It's hard being a working mom. Have you looked into working in the school system in your town? To get your retirement, do you have to remain working in the same town or is it OK as long as it's within the state? Nights like this can happen to moms that work in the business world too so don't beat yourself about it. On rare occasions when I've worked late, I've seen others there. Often when I log on in the morning, I have emails from people from late the night before and hope they had their laptops at home and still weren't at work.

Jojo, Julz, Julianne said...

I can't move districts. Most counties only give salary credit up to ten years, and I would lose a boatload on salary. Retirement would transfer since it is all within Virgina, but I can't live on that much less each month!
PLUS, I would be low man on the totem pole and with the way things are going around here, the threat of being destaffed is very real.
I just can't take that kind of risk.
It doesn't happen too often, but I just hate coming home to sleeping babies. I woke them both up to tell them goodnight.
The weather has been beautiful lately, and I'll make it up to the dyevochkas this weekend!!