Monday, March 08, 2010

A View of My Other World

My sister, sufficiently freaked me out about posting the pics of my students so I took them down...Oh well!


(the Pumpkin Patch in November)

Normally, I never post pics of my students, but just had to today. They have been so precious and lovely in the past few weeks, and we have taken lots of photos of our day.
I was out sick two days in a row, and they were so pitiful. (I had strep!) All better now.

This little guy is sorting cereal to 100. We made cherry pie on President's Day!

And these two little guys drew their neighborhood!

I wrote and rec'd my first grant this year and got a whole lotta love from LeapFrog. 6 TAG Readers, battery chargers, cases, software, and a million book sets. What you see on the table is about half of what was included. I actually packed the rest into boxes because I have no space for the amount I was given. I am tickled about the program and will be using it daily. I am still downloading software to get all of the stories loaded onto the TAG Readers, but should be completely up and running by the week's end. My kindergartners are now preparing to take spelling tests. Even the one little pig tailed gal pictured who didn't speak a word of English in September, is excited to get to take a test like the "big kids." We give the children 3 words each week to practice. We have worked our way through basic beginning site words and now we are working on word families. This week's words are: jet get net
We practice them everyday and the children love to find those words in books and poems.
The favorite activity of most of my little guys is the stamping center, where the "job" is to write the word, then stamp the word, then write the word again..
The key to the kids loving this is that the ink pads are all different colors, and they smell delicious.
I so wish my job was contained in the four little walls of my room. That world is so soft and easy. Chaotic, yet ordered. Always fair. Always with an "I'm sorry" after any hurt feelings. Always with a sticker for a job well done. And most importantly, always with love.


Tina in CT said...

The kids are so cute and especially that little girl. How wonderful for all the things that Leap Frog sent all for free.

Annie said...

Oh, I want to teach. I've always wanted to the heck did I end up in this office????

kate said...


One year my class wrote a great poem (Jim Valley came to visit and turned it into a song) called "Everyone Speaks Friendship" that had the line "If only the world were like second grade" in it.

I understand. So glad your classroom is a happy place. Keep your head down and stay put as much as possible. (That is the pot advising the kettle.)

Tina in CT said...

I was thinking along the lines of your sister but kept my mouth shut. I know I would not want a teacher to post pictures of my child. I am always so afraid of stalkers out there.