Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just like my girlz, I love a floral treat when I am down. Just as much as we love to receive treats, my dad loves to send them. He sent the tulips. Lee, the Florida BFF sent the stargazer lillies and plant. I need 'em both! Cause day 3 has not been good. I mean, it hasn't been awful, just more painful than I expected. Funny, the incision is only an inch or two long, but I swear I can feel every bit of "work" my doctor did on the inside. And about that. Advanced endometriosis. I knew this, but didn't know of the bowel involvement, appendix involvement, and of course the uterus was all messed up. He spent more time cleaning up After he removed everything than he expected. He said it should have been done a decade ago. Shoulda, coulda woulda!
I haven't left my house since coming home. My mom is here taking care of the girlz and boy do I appreciate it. I can't really do much at all. I end up laying down all day and sleeping. I thought I would feel more chipper by now, but I am not too worried yet since we are only in day 3. Sleeping is hard because I normally sleep on my tummy, and that is out of the question right now. I can see now that for the next few days I will be down, and then maybe next week I can start to move around more and more.
Thanks for all the well wishes! I am on the mend and plan to have some sort of fun while home over the next two weeks!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My surgery is on Tuesday morning. I am started to get nervous and worried that the recovery will be worse than I am planning on...But I will be deep in prayer over the next two days..I told my girlz today that I will be going to the hospital and that if they wanted to come they could, but they would have to miss ballet. They both opted out. Good. I let them know that I would be fine, but we would have to be careful with my tummy, just like we were with AugustRose's arm.
Last week my sister was rushed to the hospital where she spent the day being tested and poked. They sort of thought she was having a stroke based on some images from her MRI, but then eliminated that idea later. Turns out she probably had a very severe concussion from a minor car accident she had the day before. For a good part of the day, we were all terrified. For a good part of the day, my sister was in a state of partial Hysterical Blindness and completely unable to function or follow neurological tests. But all is better now. But wait, she is having surgery two weeks after me to remove her thyroid. Which has a tumor on it. Which may or may not be cancerous. Oh and then there is my mother's only sister who was medi-flighted to the major teaching hospital in Gainseville Florida. Diabetic Coma. She was out for several days, but woke up on Saturday.
Seems like our family has really been on the losing end of "Healthy Livin" lately, but it has really gotten me thinking about my plans for going to Russia.
As many of you know, I had a great set of emails with the principal in St.Peterburg Russia about a teaching job. I couldn't push for the job since it was a 5th grade position, and honestly, I couldn't teach that level..So I was honest and told the principal that he would here from me in the Spring of 2011 to talk again.
But all this medical stuff has me worried what I would do if I was in Russia and a bunch of things happened..Could I find good quick care? Could I jump in a cab/metro/train/car and get to the ER with little fuss? Is anything done in Russia with little fuss?

So I have been praying a lot about it.
I hope you all check in on me and say a prayer for a speedy recovery for me...I will post as soon as I am up to it..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All I can think about is Disney World. Our vacation begins July 1st and will last until I decide I am ready to come home. After Disney we will be at the beach house. I just can't wait. As good as this year has been, I am really tired. I can't wait to walk to the ocean and look for dolphins and stingrays. I can't wait to smell the spray of suncreen on my babies. I can't wait to crack open a diet coke fresh from the little cooler. To take naps in the afternoon, then go back to the beach at late day to walk and explore the shore. To look for shells that have natural holes in them. To watch lizards run across my dad's driveway. To relax. To wake up and walk outside on the lenai and hear the waves, and to hope for a manatee sighting.
But for now, I look forward to my surgery.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Dyevochkas.... at

14 04 2010
To ensure the world knows about every successful adoption, on Thursday, April 15, 2010 blog about your adoption or the adoption of someone you know. It doesn’t matter if your adoption is with Russia, domestic or otherwise international. Let the world know your truth!
Because it is important to let the world know that we as Americans stand behind the laws and procedures of Russian adoption, it is important to share that most, as in 99% , of Russian adoptions are successful and end Happily Ever After, I repost my little video from last year...

Friday, April 09, 2010

Are you effing kidding me? Really?

Ok, so this rant is gonna be brutally honest. My thought and opinions of Torry Ann Hansen of Shelbyville, Tennessee and her act of absolute cruelty this week.

Let's start with, I believe in forever.

I am still sad that my parents divorced when I was 16. Luckily, they always acted like adults and although it hurt everyone then, we have morphed into a very solid, very close family. My mom and dad still spend every holiday together even before there were grans. I am full of strong, "stick it out" gypsy blood. The moment I laid eyes on Anna's referral photo, she was mine. AugustRose referral photo was so awful that I cried. So for her adoption, I fell in love with her when she walked around the corner of the director's office at her orphanage. Forever. Always.

My girlz were given to me by Russia. Seems sort of mystical and PollyAnna-ish, sure. But there is one half of my heart that feels intense grattitude.

The other half of my heart wants to rip the eyes out of the higher ups who are now all over Russian and American news programs chastizing Torry Hansen (ALL AMERICANS) for sending her adopted son back to Russia. Really? Where have you been Mr. Ministry of Blah Blah? There are only 740K orphans in your country, and now you are soooo concerned about this one? Well, here's a thought. Adopt them and we won't have to. Or get to.

It's hard to split my mind that way. To love and to loathe.

We all know someone like Torry Hansen. You know her. The woman who is in the middle of a tough situation. But instead of trying to fix it, or work on it, she looks for people to blame for the problem she faces...So who does our mom of the hour choose to blame? The Ministry of Education in Moscow. If she really meant what she wrote in her letter, she would have sent the child back to Vladivostock. Which brings me to question what is really going on here.

I am sensing there is more to this than we are hearing right now. There is a reason that this woman took this step...This woman is mad. She is angry.

She never contacted her agency about problems. Never contacted her local Department of Social Services. Was she new???Didn't she have a million friends, Real or Virtual who she could lean on? What the hell?

The largest problem is that the one person who should have been able to offer reasonable options cosigned her disfunction by becoming an active participant in this years version of the all too familiar nightmare for WAITING FAMILIES. Thanx Grandma.

And where is that guy they paid $200.oo to deliver the child? I have stayed pretty close with most of the Russian folks that helped me during my adoptions, but not in the;

"Hey, my shiny new Russian kid is a terror, can you pick 'em up from the airport and return 'em" kind of close.

I am telling you. There is more to this.

Because I am a forever girl, I want to smack some sense into the heads of this duo. I want to shake them and let them know that there is no one who is at fault here but them. Grandma traveled with her daughter when she adopted this poor child. Blaming the orphanage is laughable. I have said it before, I don't get people who can consider NOT being forever kind of parents. Maybe because my girlz are very easy kind of kids. Maybe because I have lots of support from family, friends, and blogger folks who offer ideas, do I feel this way.

But give me an effing break. A plane alone? How could this idea seem legit to anyone over the age of 12? So tonight, my heart is angry with the dynamic duo for NOT being

Forever kind of people.
my thoughts and prayers are very much with waiting families. i have been there. Nina Hilt rocked my adoption.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

AugustRose had her 2nd appointment with the orthopedic today. All looks good so far. We go back in two weeks for another checkup. We could get another cast that day. Fingers crossed and prayers that her little bones are healing under there~

DISNEY trip is scheduled!!
We will be in Orlando for 6 days enjoying the blistering heat and the MAGIC of Disney in July for Anna's Birthday! When calling to set everything up, I found out I had a pin code from our last trip, (Hidden from plane view, it's just a code associated with our family that gives secret discounts)When arranging everything, I was given Free Dining! Yeahhhhhhh. Since we are celebrating Anna's birthday there, we are doing a couple of extras like character dining and maybe even go to Bibbity Bobbity Boo for a Princess makeover! Yes, outrageously expensive, but it will be a great surprise for Anna!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I Know My Peeps...

Not the gooey marshmellow kind, the family kind of peeps..AugustRose had her first appointment with the orthopedic on Friday and when we got home, there was a beautiful flower arrangement and balloon treat waiting for her. I knew it. My dad is Mr. Manners when it comes to things like this.
And just so Anna didn't feel left out, she got her Easter card from him in the mail on the same day! A cute card and a couple of dollars to add to her collection! side note: Anna had 16 dollars when we went to Walmart. She wanted this Barbie that was just 15 dollars. She really wanted it.. I explained that if she bought it she would not have any money left. She went back and forth between a little treat set from the $5 and under aisle and the Barbie. She talked it through and kept asking me questions and then when it was time to go, she decided to go with a $3 dollar treat. She wanted to save up for a little while longer so she would not be flat broke! I think that says a lot about her. She is learning about dealing with money, and I am trying NOT to buy her anything treat-like for no reason. I need to give her a chore list so that we can start allowances.
She is getting very good about keeping her room tidy, so I need to add things that would help the house run more smoothly.
We had Friday Night services at Church. I worked the kids section. It is called Black Out Friday and all of the children wear black. We took Phoebe and Sydney. I think they both had a great time. Tonight we colored our eggs and after Church we will come home and have a small egg hunt. This year, Martha's family is going away for Easter Break so we won't be with them.

I am singing at both services tomorrow so I am a bit nervous.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your families.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Our First Broken Bone...

Just when I say "all is well" we take a trip to McD's and plan on having lunch and a quick play with Martha... One trip down the slide and AugustRose lands on her face/arm. I thought she hurt her face, turns out she broke her arm. She was a super duper rock star in the ER. Luckily, Martha's neighbor was the triage nurse, (did I ever tell you that M is connected or knows someone EVERYWHERE!) Jen, the nurse took one look at AugustRose's are and told us we were going to be there a while...
We had Xrays and a 1/2 cast put on. Friday we will visit the orthopedic specialist to review her Xrays and hopefully just put on a whole hard cast. (The ER doctors told me that she had no "floating bone" which meant that nothing chipped off when she fell. ) Well Thank Goodness.
She was very swollen, making her arm look dislocated. But again, Thank goodness it wasn't. Some observations:
While having her half cast put on, the nurse had to hold her hand/arm at a 90 degree angle, and it was painful...She asked him, "can you please stop?" Proud momma. What nice manners.
She also asked him if he lived at the hospital. She began to suck her thumb during this time. (meaning she was relaxing) He was stroking her fingers. He asked her if her thumb tasted good. He asked if he could have a taste. She told him, "No, you have your own fum." He pretended to suck his and he said they only taste like fingers. She told him that hers tastes like candy.
They chatted quietly for the whole time her 1/2 cast was drying. She then asked Anna to hold her her other hand. CRAP, where is my camera? Gentle, quiet moments.
The nurse continued to work on her cast, and she relaxed almost to the point of sleep. We got several comments about how well she tolerated the whole experience. I had books in the car, thank goodness, and I read to her when stress started to show.
AugustRose is a thinker, worrying ahead of the process. Knowing that the next step is scary, I tried to reassure her what would be happening next. When she cried, I could quickly ease her fear by singing songs in her ear. She would use her good had to hold my head close to her head. Squeezing it so I was sort of smushed against that ear.
I can soothe her.
I forgot to pray during the day. I forgot to ask God to help get us through. Sadly, I depended on my mom, who flew up to McD's when I called her. "SuperPoppy" to the rescue!
And of course calling my dad and sister. And Martha. We all slip into autopilot when trauma happens.
Step 1: Call Poppy
Step 2: Get to the ER
Step 3: Call Auntie and Dad
Key to everything: Don't Cry
Step 4: Assure Anna that sister is just fine. Make her a part of the solution.
Step 5: Recall everyone and fill in the details
Step 6: Listen and write everything down and go home for extra lovin'
Key to Everything:
Still DO NOT CRY. There's no crying in BASEBALL!!!
Assure everyone that it is all under control
These things happen, but this time I am sort of sad that through play, my girl is hurt. It's not any one's fault. But it still makes my feelings hurt. But Today, I am thanking God that it wasn't more serious. It could have been dislocated. There could have been open fractures, there could have been floating bone. So even though I forgot to pray, I am praying for gratitude. I am thankful that even this awful thing brought our family closer together. All of us. Everyone steps up to the plate. And I can almost bet my dad will send Auggie a treat. And my sister and mother will be at the appointment tomorrow. Family. Good stuff!