Sunday, April 25, 2010

My surgery is on Tuesday morning. I am started to get nervous and worried that the recovery will be worse than I am planning on...But I will be deep in prayer over the next two days..I told my girlz today that I will be going to the hospital and that if they wanted to come they could, but they would have to miss ballet. They both opted out. Good. I let them know that I would be fine, but we would have to be careful with my tummy, just like we were with AugustRose's arm.
Last week my sister was rushed to the hospital where she spent the day being tested and poked. They sort of thought she was having a stroke based on some images from her MRI, but then eliminated that idea later. Turns out she probably had a very severe concussion from a minor car accident she had the day before. For a good part of the day, we were all terrified. For a good part of the day, my sister was in a state of partial Hysterical Blindness and completely unable to function or follow neurological tests. But all is better now. But wait, she is having surgery two weeks after me to remove her thyroid. Which has a tumor on it. Which may or may not be cancerous. Oh and then there is my mother's only sister who was medi-flighted to the major teaching hospital in Gainseville Florida. Diabetic Coma. She was out for several days, but woke up on Saturday.
Seems like our family has really been on the losing end of "Healthy Livin" lately, but it has really gotten me thinking about my plans for going to Russia.
As many of you know, I had a great set of emails with the principal in St.Peterburg Russia about a teaching job. I couldn't push for the job since it was a 5th grade position, and honestly, I couldn't teach that level..So I was honest and told the principal that he would here from me in the Spring of 2011 to talk again.
But all this medical stuff has me worried what I would do if I was in Russia and a bunch of things happened..Could I find good quick care? Could I jump in a cab/metro/train/car and get to the ER with little fuss? Is anything done in Russia with little fuss?

So I have been praying a lot about it.
I hope you all check in on me and say a prayer for a speedy recovery for me...I will post as soon as I am up to it..


Tina in CT said...

Stay here as we have the best medical care in the world. There is no 911 there either. I worry about a medical emergency for my daughter and her family in Moscow and hope than one never arises.

What a medical month your family is having! Hope all goes well for everyone. I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday. Will you be in the hospital for one overnight? I imagine your mother is staying at your house with the girls.

kate said...

Hope everything went well today!

I wish you HAD taken the fifth grade position--'cause then you'd be here while I was!

(Taking my child to the doctor was why I bought a car. Yes, I needed it for food shopping, but my primary reason was for access to medical care.

Lexi fell of the swing today and landed on her head. I decided to take her in to be looked at because she never cries, never complains and she was doing both. Progress or injury? I wasn't sure.

They told us to come in at 3:00. It was 10:30 when we called. We pushed and finally just went in.

We had a little traffic trouble, but got there. We were seen. X-rays were taken. The staff spoke varying degrees of English from none to decent.

And then I didn't believe the dx of three days ice and bedrest. She's feeling much better. If there is on vomiting and she continues to feel better we'll go back to school tomorrow.

So...there is medical care, but it's not what I would like it to be. It's not as instantaneous. And I wouldn't want to be dealing with surgeries here.)

Tina in CT said...

Thinking of you today and wondering how you are feeling.