Thursday, April 01, 2010

Our First Broken Bone...

Just when I say "all is well" we take a trip to McD's and plan on having lunch and a quick play with Martha... One trip down the slide and AugustRose lands on her face/arm. I thought she hurt her face, turns out she broke her arm. She was a super duper rock star in the ER. Luckily, Martha's neighbor was the triage nurse, (did I ever tell you that M is connected or knows someone EVERYWHERE!) Jen, the nurse took one look at AugustRose's are and told us we were going to be there a while...
We had Xrays and a 1/2 cast put on. Friday we will visit the orthopedic specialist to review her Xrays and hopefully just put on a whole hard cast. (The ER doctors told me that she had no "floating bone" which meant that nothing chipped off when she fell. ) Well Thank Goodness.
She was very swollen, making her arm look dislocated. But again, Thank goodness it wasn't. Some observations:
While having her half cast put on, the nurse had to hold her hand/arm at a 90 degree angle, and it was painful...She asked him, "can you please stop?" Proud momma. What nice manners.
She also asked him if he lived at the hospital. She began to suck her thumb during this time. (meaning she was relaxing) He was stroking her fingers. He asked her if her thumb tasted good. He asked if he could have a taste. She told him, "No, you have your own fum." He pretended to suck his and he said they only taste like fingers. She told him that hers tastes like candy.
They chatted quietly for the whole time her 1/2 cast was drying. She then asked Anna to hold her her other hand. CRAP, where is my camera? Gentle, quiet moments.
The nurse continued to work on her cast, and she relaxed almost to the point of sleep. We got several comments about how well she tolerated the whole experience. I had books in the car, thank goodness, and I read to her when stress started to show.
AugustRose is a thinker, worrying ahead of the process. Knowing that the next step is scary, I tried to reassure her what would be happening next. When she cried, I could quickly ease her fear by singing songs in her ear. She would use her good had to hold my head close to her head. Squeezing it so I was sort of smushed against that ear.
I can soothe her.
I forgot to pray during the day. I forgot to ask God to help get us through. Sadly, I depended on my mom, who flew up to McD's when I called her. "SuperPoppy" to the rescue!
And of course calling my dad and sister. And Martha. We all slip into autopilot when trauma happens.
Step 1: Call Poppy
Step 2: Get to the ER
Step 3: Call Auntie and Dad
Key to everything: Don't Cry
Step 4: Assure Anna that sister is just fine. Make her a part of the solution.
Step 5: Recall everyone and fill in the details
Step 6: Listen and write everything down and go home for extra lovin'
Key to Everything:
Still DO NOT CRY. There's no crying in BASEBALL!!!
Assure everyone that it is all under control
These things happen, but this time I am sort of sad that through play, my girl is hurt. It's not any one's fault. But it still makes my feelings hurt. But Today, I am thanking God that it wasn't more serious. It could have been dislocated. There could have been open fractures, there could have been floating bone. So even though I forgot to pray, I am praying for gratitude. I am thankful that even this awful thing brought our family closer together. All of us. Everyone steps up to the plate. And I can almost bet my dad will send Auggie a treat. And my sister and mother will be at the appointment tomorrow. Family. Good stuff!


Tina in CT said...

Accidents happen and thankfully you were there and it wasn't more serious. Your daughter was a real trooper. Poor little girl (and nervous mom).

It kind of puts a damper on activities you had planned for the rest of vacation week.

Hope she is resting peacefully and that you've had a relaxing glass of wine.

Ian said...

Well speaking as someone who has had a lot of broken bones in the house (I have three sons and a daughter and the sons are all danger boys) I can tell you the worst is probably over. If she is like my boys all the pain was before they put the cast on. Once it was on they never seemed to notice. If you get a long term cast spend the money on a water proof cast. It is worth it! Even if you don't swim much just the hassle of dealing with a regular cast in a bath or shower is no fun.

Annie said...

She'll soon be tired of having to tell everyone how it will you!

Sounds like a great experience - if it had to happen! You're such a great mommy... That top photo is priceless.

Ian is right, from my experience; now is the fun part (attention).

kate said...

Poor, sweet baby.