Sunday, May 30, 2010

How To Be Happy for the Last Month of School...

For the first time since I have been at my school, we decided to have a graduation for our kindergartners. But not really. Some call it graduation, some call it celebration, we are calling it a

I have this renewed sense of excitement to GO TO WORK. I love doing children's plays, shows, presentations and celebrations. I think it is just as fun for the teachers as it is for the children. This group of kiddies has been my favorite in 19 years. The parents are lovely, and if they cannot communicate in English, then they are great at playing charades with me. We will present songs, one big poem, (12 children will have individual parts) and the present the children with their

Masters of Rhyme Certificates. I bought these. Yikes 60 bucks, and then I got the caps for all the kids. And there are 80 children so you can imagine the cost...I hope I get reimbursed, but if I don't then they are cute and we all loved them and will split it among the teachers. See, this is why we need raises. We end up spending lots and lots of money on our classes.
We have 18 days of school left, and I am actually thrilled to get back each day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A lovely day, even though both girlz were sort of sickish...
I can't wait to see the rest!

This is just the sneak peek!!
the rest of the pics are up! If you have the desire, you can see them here:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost Normal

So, it's Wednesday and I am but normal again. Sort of .
I still get a sharp pain on the one incision site if I bend over, so I just squat now. Pretty.
And I do get more tired than normal. But since I will be working next week, I will just deal with it. I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this time at home with my family. Mom was here pretty much everyday the first two weeks, and then my dad was here last week. AugustRose cried herself to sleep last night because he left this morning. She kept saying, please let "Dadu" stay longa. Dadu, is short for Dadumagoosa. Which is supposed to be дедушка (de-dush-ka). It was quite pitiful. He will be back in mid June for the girlz ballet recitals. And then we go to his beach house for the summer. Of course that's after we spend a magical week at Disney.

AugustRose is still talking about her party. It was so fun. We got lots of feedback and now I will have to top it for next year. Anna will celebrate at the Magic Kingdom. She has an appointment at Bibbity Boppity Boo for a princess make-over then we have a reservation at the Crystal Palace for an early supper. It should be super fun, but a whole lot different.

Last week I started a book that Bernadette gave to me. A daily prayer book. Since I want to follow God's plan for me, I am reading the prayer for each new day, then going back to read the day where it focused on "decision making." Yes, I am still thinking about trying to get our little family to Russia for the 2011-12 school year. I don't have a job yet, don't even know if I should really push for it yet. Really, don't even know if they want me... Tina, I know what you will say. "Don't do it." But I would be taking my mom with me. She has even agreed to substitute. (she was a teacher then principal for 33 years) And my dad is trying to get a job in the Ukraine. So really, it's just a matter how we will get my sister to eastern Europe....I love my home, but I am an adventure girl. I love to get lost in the city where I live. I haven't been lost in a long time. I want to study the Russian language and come home after a few years and teach it...I want my girlz to be in a school with children who have traveled, been places, done wayy cooler things than we have ever done. I hate it that she is the only person who has been to Disney. I hate it that the children in her class don't go on vacation. It makes her seem privileged. And she isn't. We are just blessed by circumstance...
Tina, ask your daughter about that school opportunity she knew of...Wonder if its still out there?

My friend from the blogger world is on her way to Anna's region in Khabarovsk. She is "closing the deal" on her little son. Pray for her. She has a long way to go. And will be there for quite a while. Love ya Stacey!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

AugustRose's Fairy Birthday

The Fairy Girlz

AugustRose and her bubbles.

Love the shades Miss Missi!

No self respecting Fairy would wear shoes!!

Mommy's face painting job!
Time to go fishing for fairy stones..
More Fairy Girlz!
Sure we have the Bitty Baby, but the Baby Alive was the only gift AugustRose asked for
Anna was such a great big sister today. She was gracious and very excited for her baby sister to celebrate her special day.

AugustRose was such a lovely hostess. She said big ole "Thank-You!'s" as she opened gifts. She even gave some hugs here and there. I was very proud of her manners.

Today was magical. Marielle and my sister Lauralee were amazing. They helped with food preparation, photo taking, and general hostess stuff. I think they got a kick out of everything. I even got a couple of snaps of them in fairy wings! Baby Lily was here, but I don't want to post her pics until I ask her momma. But I tell you, that child is gorgeous and fit right in at two..You can get a glimpse of her in the pool.

Marielle in her wings!
Auntie in hers!
Thanks so much Ladies! (and I use the term LOOSELY!!!)

My mom and dad, and my sistah from anotha mutha, Missi helped to add to the family feel of the day. The school mates and neighbors rounded out the group and blessed AugustRose with the most amazing treats. We will be writing thank you notes for weeks! I mean seriously, today was bigger than Christmas. And I know some don't agree that the sibling should get a gift, BUT I DO, so I bought Anna an outfit for her Build-A-Bear, (fairy of course) and my mom got her a Justin Beiber CD. My dad has worked on the back yard for the whole week and it looks fab! He leveled the ground then put tons of dirt back there, and now it's covered with shiny new sod. He built in a little area all the way around the edges and planted little flowers so it looks amazing. Good thing, since at the end, all the little fairies went to the basement and out to our little yard. Dad's hard work paid off! The girlies enjoyed it.
I don't know when it happened, but I am happiest when I am with my family, meaning all of my family. My girlz adore Auntie and Marielle and having them at our little events always makes it more fun. It's great too that my mom and dad are at everything the girlz do. That's the good thing about getting out of my twenties and thirties. It seems like the pressure of "being somewhere better" is gone. I no longer want to go out with the girls, or hit the bars. The best place is any place that family is gathering! I know my dad has ZERO desire to go to Disney World, but part of me wishes he would just go and meet us there for a few hours..(Expensive huh?)
So our fairy day is winding down, and I have to say I think it was a big hit with all the families who attended. I am so blessed. I am going to say some wonderful prayers of Thanksgiving tonight!
Happy Birthday AugustRose!! Your momma loves you more than words can say. Your spirit and individuality is awe inspiring. You have been a fire cracker since the moment we met, and you have filled my world with laughter, and my heart with joy. You were a special gift to our little family. You are growing into a beautiful little lady and my world is complete with you in it!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Let the Fairy Magic Begin

The beauty of not having any furniture in the living room is that I can make a cool party room for the little Fairies that will be here tomorrow to celebrate AugustRose's 4th Birthday.

The Tutus for our guests to wear. And of course Fairy Wings!

An extra door makes for a perfect toddler table for the girls!

Loved finding cheap flowers to turn our living room into a little fairy wonderland.
I wish you could tell how the little twinkly lights shine on the railings! Too cute.
We will have a big tomorrow, and I am so proud to have AugustRose be the center of attention.
Tomorrow we will blow up balloons, and put out the food and drink! It will be a good time!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Looks like a lil Ambien has been my miracle cure. The jitters are gone..And after my doctor visit, learned that anxiety can often occur after surgeries. Friday I started to feel much better. I am still very tired, but my head is back in the right place.

Happy Mother's Day To All the Moms out there.
And to all the moms to be,
and to all those who dream of becoming moms,
and to all those who love a mom!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

man, this sucks...

so I am now 9 days in, and this whole thing sucks. I am still in a bit of pain when I am standing, but it's the other stuff that is really getting me down. First and the worst is the general anxiety.
It's there all day. and it's really making me insane. I cry a lot. I would love to say I am sleeping and relaxing but I am so jittery, that I can't. There is also the restless leg symptons that have started. And with that, I am out of my mind. I am really down, because I am not resting. When I can seem to overcome some of that (after bucketloads of melatonin,) I have the night sweats..And I mean sweats. Like I have just walked out of the tub sweats..
Tomorrow I go to the doctor and will be sharing this with him in hopes that I can get some help. I don't think hormones are an option because I still haven't quit smoking..I would kill for some xanax right about now. I am not sure that's a real option either. Please pray for me. I am so sad and scared that this was a mistake...