Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost Normal

So, it's Wednesday and I am but normal again. Sort of .
I still get a sharp pain on the one incision site if I bend over, so I just squat now. Pretty.
And I do get more tired than normal. But since I will be working next week, I will just deal with it. I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed this time at home with my family. Mom was here pretty much everyday the first two weeks, and then my dad was here last week. AugustRose cried herself to sleep last night because he left this morning. She kept saying, please let "Dadu" stay longa. Dadu, is short for Dadumagoosa. Which is supposed to be дедушка (de-dush-ka). It was quite pitiful. He will be back in mid June for the girlz ballet recitals. And then we go to his beach house for the summer. Of course that's after we spend a magical week at Disney.

AugustRose is still talking about her party. It was so fun. We got lots of feedback and now I will have to top it for next year. Anna will celebrate at the Magic Kingdom. She has an appointment at Bibbity Boppity Boo for a princess make-over then we have a reservation at the Crystal Palace for an early supper. It should be super fun, but a whole lot different.

Last week I started a book that Bernadette gave to me. A daily prayer book. Since I want to follow God's plan for me, I am reading the prayer for each new day, then going back to read the day where it focused on "decision making." Yes, I am still thinking about trying to get our little family to Russia for the 2011-12 school year. I don't have a job yet, don't even know if I should really push for it yet. Really, don't even know if they want me... Tina, I know what you will say. "Don't do it." But I would be taking my mom with me. She has even agreed to substitute. (she was a teacher then principal for 33 years) And my dad is trying to get a job in the Ukraine. So really, it's just a matter how we will get my sister to eastern Europe....I love my home, but I am an adventure girl. I love to get lost in the city where I live. I haven't been lost in a long time. I want to study the Russian language and come home after a few years and teach it...I want my girlz to be in a school with children who have traveled, been places, done wayy cooler things than we have ever done. I hate it that she is the only person who has been to Disney. I hate it that the children in her class don't go on vacation. It makes her seem privileged. And she isn't. We are just blessed by circumstance...
Tina, ask your daughter about that school opportunity she knew of...Wonder if its still out there?

My friend from the blogger world is on her way to Anna's region in Khabarovsk. She is "closing the deal" on her little son. Pray for her. She has a long way to go. And will be there for quite a while. Love ya Stacey!!!


Tina in CT said...

Shoot her an email or leave a comment on her blog.

I just can't imagine wanting to live in Russia after my trips there. But, we all are different and that makes the world go round.

Jen Stevens said...

I totally understand the desire to live there. Call me Pollyanna, but I just thought Russia felt magical. I'd be there in a heartbeat.

Glad you are feeling better!!

Annie said...

Tina knows a school opportunity and didn't share it with ME??????

How are you going to get ME there, that's the question.

Here Ilya won't go to school at all, so how much worse could a Russian school be for him?

Jen - another soul sister!!!

Tina in CT said...

I don't know of a school opening.

Ian said...

Well I recommend you go. Free advice from a stranger (which is probably worth what you paid for it as they say!). I grew up in Texas and never set foot outside of the US until I was 30. Since then I have been all over the world. I look back on my time before I traveled and think "what a waste". Life is too short to spend it dreaming and not realizing your dream. Reach out and take it or spend the rest of your life regretting that you did not.

Also, as the father of teenagers I can tell you, go now before they have an opinion or they will fight you every step of the way.

Annie said...

Ian - your thoughts are the best of all. That is SO true. And, in fact, is much of the reason I don't seriously try to go. It is not only that they have an opinion - they have a life outside of you that you don't want to make them surrender. Now their life IS you, and you could take them anywhere.