Saturday, May 15, 2010

AugustRose's Fairy Birthday

The Fairy Girlz

AugustRose and her bubbles.

Love the shades Miss Missi!

No self respecting Fairy would wear shoes!!

Mommy's face painting job!
Time to go fishing for fairy stones..
More Fairy Girlz!
Sure we have the Bitty Baby, but the Baby Alive was the only gift AugustRose asked for
Anna was such a great big sister today. She was gracious and very excited for her baby sister to celebrate her special day.

AugustRose was such a lovely hostess. She said big ole "Thank-You!'s" as she opened gifts. She even gave some hugs here and there. I was very proud of her manners.

Today was magical. Marielle and my sister Lauralee were amazing. They helped with food preparation, photo taking, and general hostess stuff. I think they got a kick out of everything. I even got a couple of snaps of them in fairy wings! Baby Lily was here, but I don't want to post her pics until I ask her momma. But I tell you, that child is gorgeous and fit right in at two..You can get a glimpse of her in the pool.

Marielle in her wings!
Auntie in hers!
Thanks so much Ladies! (and I use the term LOOSELY!!!)

My mom and dad, and my sistah from anotha mutha, Missi helped to add to the family feel of the day. The school mates and neighbors rounded out the group and blessed AugustRose with the most amazing treats. We will be writing thank you notes for weeks! I mean seriously, today was bigger than Christmas. And I know some don't agree that the sibling should get a gift, BUT I DO, so I bought Anna an outfit for her Build-A-Bear, (fairy of course) and my mom got her a Justin Beiber CD. My dad has worked on the back yard for the whole week and it looks fab! He leveled the ground then put tons of dirt back there, and now it's covered with shiny new sod. He built in a little area all the way around the edges and planted little flowers so it looks amazing. Good thing, since at the end, all the little fairies went to the basement and out to our little yard. Dad's hard work paid off! The girlies enjoyed it.
I don't know when it happened, but I am happiest when I am with my family, meaning all of my family. My girlz adore Auntie and Marielle and having them at our little events always makes it more fun. It's great too that my mom and dad are at everything the girlz do. That's the good thing about getting out of my twenties and thirties. It seems like the pressure of "being somewhere better" is gone. I no longer want to go out with the girls, or hit the bars. The best place is any place that family is gathering! I know my dad has ZERO desire to go to Disney World, but part of me wishes he would just go and meet us there for a few hours..(Expensive huh?)
So our fairy day is winding down, and I have to say I think it was a big hit with all the families who attended. I am so blessed. I am going to say some wonderful prayers of Thanksgiving tonight!
Happy Birthday AugustRose!! Your momma loves you more than words can say. Your spirit and individuality is awe inspiring. You have been a fire cracker since the moment we met, and you have filled my world with laughter, and my heart with joy. You were a special gift to our little family. You are growing into a beautiful little lady and my world is complete with you in it!


Tina in CT said...

A dream birthday party for a little girl! The little girls must have had a fantastic time this afternoon (as did you, your parents and sister).

What a special day!

Your girls are so beautiful!

Annie said...

What a lovely party - and you must be feeling a lot better to have put it all together. I'm SO glad!

HilaryS said...

What a lovely party. Everything looked so cute. It is so fun to plan parties for the kids (although the execution can be stressful).

Happy Birthday August Rose.


Anonymous said...