Sunday, May 30, 2010

How To Be Happy for the Last Month of School...

For the first time since I have been at my school, we decided to have a graduation for our kindergartners. But not really. Some call it graduation, some call it celebration, we are calling it a

I have this renewed sense of excitement to GO TO WORK. I love doing children's plays, shows, presentations and celebrations. I think it is just as fun for the teachers as it is for the children. This group of kiddies has been my favorite in 19 years. The parents are lovely, and if they cannot communicate in English, then they are great at playing charades with me. We will present songs, one big poem, (12 children will have individual parts) and the present the children with their

Masters of Rhyme Certificates. I bought these. Yikes 60 bucks, and then I got the caps for all the kids. And there are 80 children so you can imagine the cost...I hope I get reimbursed, but if I don't then they are cute and we all loved them and will split it among the teachers. See, this is why we need raises. We end up spending lots and lots of money on our classes.
We have 18 days of school left, and I am actually thrilled to get back each day!


Ursula said...

Wow, I think any child who had you as their teacher, has really hit the jackpot. Keep up the great work, we need more teachers like you. Have you ever thought about teaching in Minnesota?

Annie said...

Cute certificates. I will never forget Aidan's kindergarten graduation.... She gave individual awards to all the children - most beautiful singer, best at numbers, most friendly, etc. So, I was hanging on every moment...just waiting... What wonderful thing would she say about MY darling son(the best of the lot)? He got "Most Helpful Mother". I nearly started crying.

I suppose the teacher thought that was a great way to thank me. It became patently clear that SHE had never had her own child!

And let me tell you, I remember making some real stupid moves myself, before being a mother helped me understand a few more things about life.

Hevel said...

Wow, just remembering my boys' gan graduation last year. I'm sure your pupils will have just as much fun as my kids did.

The certificates are super cute!

Tina in CT said...

Love the certificates. How special that you ordered them and the caps.

kate said...

So nice to be happy at work! I wish you'd had Lexi this year. ;>