Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aunti and the Girlz

Today was recital day. I was fearful of how AugustRose would react the the big crowd but she did great. I didn't have my good camera, so we relied on Auntie's camera phone..It worked well enough!

Dadumagoosa with Anni

Poppie with Anni

Me with Anni

My dad and I with AuggieRose after her very first recital! We were chatting about it today, Anni started ballet at 2 and has been in 5 recitals so far. It really shows. She shines on the stage. We giggle so much watching her, because she looks like she is about to burst with happiness when she is up on the stage.

It was a good day. Now I am doing laundry, trying to clean up, and packing for our trip to Florida. Just can't wait to get on the road! It will be a long drive, but we can make a bunch of stops to break up the ride~
Can't wait to post from FLAWDA!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost Free

Our KinderBration was amazing. We filled the gym to capacity and felt like super stars on a red carpet when it was over. We set up 4 different "step and repeats" so that the parents could get photos of their child's class and some with the teachers. As they snapped away, I looked out to a sea of cameras. It was by far the most rewarding afternoon in a life time of teaching. This was the perfect year to do this. The perfect year to honor a group of kids...Our hodge-podge of nationalities all jumbled into one place coming together for one thing..To honor and praise their babies. Funny, no matter what the country, the language, the culture, we were able to impress upon these families that their children did something big. They finished kindergarten..
There wasn't a dry eye in the place when the kids sang their final song. I was a blabbering crybaby when we walked in, so by the end of the song I was toast.
It was especially bittersweet for me and my coworker, since our assistants are leaving next year.
My assistant is not just a helper, but a friend. We laugh and giggle all day, and roll our eye at just the same things..

Next year is a big year. My twentieth year teaching. My hope is that magically, and without too much fuss I can land a teaching job in St.Pete Russia. Long shot sure, but I gotta dream. I have thought about almost everything and pressed poor Kate to answer a million questions on daily life down to the minutia of family life in Russia. After teaching the children I teach now, I can't imagine being more ready to teach in an international school..

Although the Kinderbration was amazing, there has been a bit of tension at my school. I think it's all the end of the year stuff...I am quick to laugh things off, but many of my coworkers are just "over it." And that makes me sad. Not to be corny, but I am just waiting to exhale...I know, I know..
The girlz are ready for some "summer momma" time.
I am a different mom in the summer. I am the mom I wish I could be more often. I guess having a job sometimes holds a gal back. When we get to Florida we go to the library 3 times a week to the summer programs that my dad's sweet library offers. We wake up early and I cook at least one nice meal a day. I read to my girlz all summer. I take tons of pictures. I am relaxed.
I don't know what we'll do when my dad's house sells. I have fallen in love with the quiet pace of Naples. All the snow birds are back up north, so it's like we own the place.
I have been praying for the Gulf beaches. They aren't a snow beach, and depend on what goes on in the summer.
So now I count the days til I am free like a bird!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!

I am just dying...I found it..My old website. I only wanted to try since the words I wrote were most fresh...I love a good ole fashioned search tool for things waayyyy long ago!!!
Take a read of my first attempt at a blog/website!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Need Some Ideas...

I love to read. But only in July and August. I become obsessed and read at the beach and pool, and then until all hours of the night. I have to actually make myself slow down so I don't finish the story too fast!
If you look at my side bar, you will see I love Russian themed thriller, actiony, fiction...I read all of the Martin Cruz Smith (Arkady Renko Novels) and even found some from way back that were awesome.
If you have any suggestions I'd love it..

Saturday, June 12, 2010


By far, the most stressful, crazy, busy time for teachers is the end of the year. No matter what we all agree to in September, it always seems that there are a gagillion forms and papers that teachers need to complete. Most of them are repeats of something that is on another form, but when resource teachers want something, you gotta get it to them...Or honestly, it can be hell.

It's funny this year, because my heart is still at my school, yet all I think about is how to take a break from it, and get to Russia. Because I am launching my full force effort in September to get to Russia. and if not Russia, then Poland, the Ukraine, or Belarus. In that order.
Odd assortment of dream locations, but it is what it is...
I am getting my resume in order and will join to the companies that place teachers, and then I am also going to contact some other schools in Russia to see what kind of packages they offer.
Next year is my 20th anniversary in teaching, and I really want a break from FCPS. My county hasn't given raises in 3 years, and it just seems like the right time.
I am a wandering spirit, and I can see my girlz being 3rd culture kids.

Monday, June 07, 2010

i am off the Chantix...i couldn't sense if it may work, and the horrible sadness and sickness were not worth it..I am going to try the patch again..the side effects on the box of Chantix, all about depression and such was right on for i stopped taking it friday night, and haven't thrown up, or wanted to admit myself in the Psych Ward since then...
and sadly, I'm not joking...careful with that drug. I can keep trying without it.

I have 3 weeks of school left. Yeahhh. We are in full KINDERBRATION MODE!! All fun good times. My kids already know their lines. I am lovin' them. I have a child in my room that stutters and stammers. She asked for a part, and got one. (Super Bright) Side note: She is a little gal who is Muslim. She wears a hijab, but can't seem to keep it on straight or really at all. By the end of the day she goes skipping out to recess swinging it around her head like a helicopter. I swear one day I am going to write a book called the RaggaMuffin Muslim Girl..All about differences in children, and how to truly embrace those differences..
ANYHOO, this little gal says today..."Ms.Green, when I say stuff, I say it double.."(which is her way of saying that she stutters) I told her it was just fine, and her words are so special that we can all them twice.) She smiled.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

no promises....

I started taking Chantix this week...Nothing yet. But somehow, I am supposed to be ready to quit by Friday.
I could literally burst into tears if I give it too much thought. So I don't. I am just taking them and praying a lot. Please pray for me.

I have done a lot of praying, but by far this is my biggest shame and I would love to get rid of it...